Finally, oh finally I have tried the coveted bombolinis from the one and only @sourbombebakery . The agony it was to get these bombes was real - having to meticulously wake up early just to make sure I could get my hands on them, having to keep watch of their stories to check if they were sold out. Oh lawd Jesus.

Having failed to get it on a couple occasions, I finally made a point to head down on an uneventful Tuesday morning, arriving at 9.30am. My mission was finally a success.

These babies are by none other than Masterchef Finalist Genevieve Lee, who started her sourdough bombolini business back last year. These bombolinis finally have a physical locale and are usually sold out so quick it'll make your head spin.

I do like the unique flavours offered, ranging from the intriguing Basil Rhubarb, Basque Burnt Cheesecake and Hojicha Caramel Crunch - to your usual more common flavours of Black Seasame, Blueberry Lemon Thyme and Passionfruit Banana. Most of them are a little subtle though such as the Hojicha and would prefer a more intense flavour. The sourdough also adds a slight tang to the bombolinis, which grew on me the more bites I took.

Were they worth the hype? Well, they are definitely good bombolinis, though I wouldn't subject myself to such torture of trying to get them again. (I even tried to get their sourdough croissants today but again I have failed. I need a break, hah, getting food shouldn't be this difficult.)