- birria beef tacos x3
- baja blast fish tacos x3
- horchata
(can’t remember the prices 😭 but total was around $40)

one of the best meals i’ve had this year fr… 2nd time at huevos and it was really money well spent even tho i went out of my budget LOL.

i started off with the fish tacos and omfg they were PERFECTLY fried, every bite was crispy and crunchy. i was worried that the fish wouldn’t be very flavourful compared to the beef but i was pleasantly surprised because the fish was actually a good balance of flavours, between the idk what sauce they used and the fried fish. there were a few strands of purple cabbage which i gladly slurped up (as an anti vege eater) bc this taco was soooo good

then i went onto the birria beef tacos which was what i had been craving and omg i really was NOT disappointed. last time i stole a bite of my friend’s birria tacos and it left me craving for more since then 💔 and every bite of the tacos was truuuly soooo sinful but i don’t regret any calorie 🔥 the shredded beef was packed with so much flavour. the extra sauce? gravy? thing they provided boosted the flavours of these so much more, so BE SURE TO DIP IT IN THE SAUCE

our horchata came first actually and i was again pleasantly surprised! this was my first time having horchata but it felt like i had tasted this somewhere before?? actually not sure sia but it was a good refresher after the greasy (in a good way!) tacos.

overall am DEFINITELY revisiting huevos soon‼️ last time i had the birria beef burrito bowl (lol alliteration) and as someone who gets full quite easily i regretted getting it bc it was really a lot a lot for me. so this time i can confidently say tacos are the way to go (for me at least)! will try the loaded nachos/quesadillas maybe?

also we got a seat with not the best ventilation so we were both sweating quite a lot, esp after the walk to huevos alone 😭 but there are seats with good aircon + a 2nd storey so if you can try to go at a less crowded timing to get good aircon LOL

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