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What would immediately comes to your mind when the plate has a meat & seafood elements ? Immediately you would thought of surf and turf ? We'll meet Lamb & Clams (RM35) which is the local version of surf and turf with a Malaysian twist! This is one of the interesting dishes on the menu as it consist of a shellfish broth that is surrounding the bowl of pan fried lamb and those generous huge clams.. This is one of the mains that caught our interesting and makes our mouth waters! Well it doesn't take too long to know what the combination of taste and flavours and this would answer the grave question of whether the lamb would be able to survive in this pool of broth.. Well the presentation of this dish is really simple and homey; and from that simple plating you can see that the chef places great importance in taste rather than appearances as the food will sing by itself! Their broth is really intense and flavorful with great depth of seafood notes and a side of the vegetables like celery.. The clams are portioned generously and all of them are opened and contains the flesh.. the flesh and sweet and clean.. The moment of truth is the Lamb!! There were 2 pieces of meat given and the moment we sliced it and it was really effortless yet buttery! In terms of texture, it was really tender and perfectly done of medium! It also comes together either Ramen or a sourdough bread and the bread is really fluffy!
A great plate to share if you have love for these two proteins!