Brought for my friends to Collin's today and I would say it is almost good experience.

We ordered Chicken Chop ($15), 1/2 Roasted Chicken ($15), Roasted BBQ Pork Ribs 1/2 Slab ($17) & US Beef Short Ribs ($19).

The Chicken Chop that I had has crispy skin and the meat still tender. The sides have aglio olio, salad drenched with olive oil & the corn which can easily separate from its husk. This overall of the dish is simple yet delicious which is why I heard lots of rave reviews about Collin's.

My friends who ordered the 1/2 Roasted Chicken & Roasted BBQ Pork Ribs 1/2 Slab, which I tried a bit, is delicious too.

However, the friend who ordered the US Beef Short Ribs, the most expensive among us, was a disappointment. The beef is very dry & salty which indicates overcooked. They never asked my friend for doneness level which seems like the way they severed it is as what my friend received to other customers. If that is so, I would suggest to remove this dish out of the menu.

Overall, I would say it is fairly good experience minus the US Beef Short Ribs.

Also, OCBC is having a dining deal if you spend a minimum $60 (excluding GST & service charge) and pay using OCBC debit/credit card, there is 10% off your menu which helps to burn less of the hole in your pocket. It is valid till 31 Mar 2020.