W doesn’t even eat desserts aight, and he was licking the bowl clean (literally drinking the melted liquids from the bowl) — this was THAT good. For $11.80++ you get a massive bowl of shaved ice, topped with nata de coco, pandan jelly, jackfruit, and a big saucer of gula melaka syrup. Sounds rather standard, even if the toppings and all are really fresh and tasty; but the actual game-changer here’s really their shaved ‘ice’. Instead of plain old water that leaves you searching for more syrup as you dig down further, Rumours freezes coconut water and shaves it down for the cendol — which means every mouthful is bursting with the creamy, tropical sweetness of the fruit and you’d NEVER have a boring, diluted, tasteless bite. Now how ingenious is that?! It’s like the cendol I never knew I loved, but now that I’ve found it there’s just no going back to the original 🤤