Terra Tokyo Italian
'Tokyo-Italian' simply refers to authentic Italian dishes that are made from the best Japanese produce available. They’ve also earned 1 Michelin 🌟 Star in 2016.

I’ve gotten the $58++ executive (omakase) lunch set that came with a Starter, Pasta, Main and Dessert. There was also an additional top up of $10 for uni pasta.

​\\ ​Starter
I can’t remember what was the first dish but it has this delicious portion of cheese with salt-cured meat. I like how the cheese was not too cheesy and it paired perfectly with the cured meat.

​\\ ​Bread (Not shown in picture)
Freshly baked bread was brought to the table, presented in cute rustic cloth bean bags that kept the bread warm which was accompanied by homemade Porcini and Faucacia mushroom butter. The butter was bagus! 👍

​\\ ​Pasta
Uni pasta contained not one but two gastronomic gems. The pasta sauce comprised of yuzu, sea urchin and bottarga. The fresh mullet roe is cured in-house for over three weeks, then tossed into the spaghetti with a generous dollop of uni. The sea urchin had been flown in fresh from Hokkaido and was packed with so much umami, which blended effortlessly with the bottarga flavour in the al-dente pasta. The homemade bigoli (a thick extruded pasta) was also freshly made on the same day.

​\\ Main
This slab of Spanish iberico shoulder (the pork was sourced from Mr Yoshioka, a Spain-based Japanese farmer) is tender with a gorgeous strip of marbling at the side, and has a sweet edge thanks to being smoked for a minute over cherry wood chips just before serving.

​\\ ​Dessert
The last dessert was homemade chocolate mousse with berries all the way from Japan! What's there not to love? Everything is just juicy and perfect.