This is my 3rd cup of bubble tea this week 🥺😱 So bad for the environment I know, I’ll cut down definitely. We waited about half an hour or longer for this drink! There were quite a few options on the menu like Ding Dong Tea, Green Tea, Osmanthus Oolong Tea, etc. We felt like bubble tea connoisseurs drinking this qualiTEA bubble tea.
The pearls are, as they say in Taiwan, very QQ!! (Chewy, and the right amount of firmness!) Would recommend if you are a bubble tea addict.
The top mousse is quite foamy and yummy. The sweet and warm black pearls were generous in quantity too. Just expect the wait time to be a while! But it’s totally worth it for the price, Chicha San Chen is much better than Wan Tea and ShareTea which I had earlier this week.
PS. Chicha San Chen is from Taiwan and was established in 1998! The paper carrier is really cool AND ALSO VERY CLEVER - you don’t have to hold a sopping wet bubble tea cup covered in condensation from the ice 👍🏻