A public holiday calls for a food date with my oldest Aunt πŸ’– Timely, my pay check just came in so my treat (!!); also another sign of growing up > more responsibilities? But for the people I love, it's a joy!

My aunt is doesn't goes out often she hasn't been to Tim Ho Wan! So we found ourselves at the katong outlet that just opened! We were satisfied thankfully because my aunt is notorious for her golden palate! She enjoyed her dimsum brunch and today I thought the signature char siew buns were better than their usual-already-stellar-selves heh. Tried their steamed "Malay" cake for the first time too and I throughly enjoyed the pleasantly saccharine soft cake.

We then walked over to Katong shopping centre after to get some legendary domanis banana pie which never disappoints... #yumz heh