4/5 for the bun
2.5/5 for the pork chop

Polo was crusty, airy and fluffy! Kept at a very affordable price of $1.70 - it's pocket friendly compared to the ones sold at Joy Luck, Champion Polo. I've yet tried the ones from Joy or Champion - would think they're best devoured with just a thiccc slab of butter. For the sandwich-style, I suppose the Polo quality here is fairly decent. No complaints!

Slightly disappointing tho, was the extremely oily and overcooked pork chop. It was soaked in oil, with oil 'collected' on a sad piece of green lettuce that was eventually cast aside because I couldn't bring myself to stomach an oil-soaked lettuce. It was seasoned with what resembled wuxiang powder. It wasnt the best tasting pork chop I've had. It was also tough and it took quite a great deal of effort slicing it!
I'd probably go for the char siew version next time!