For $15++, the standard bowl of Kohaku Tendon is one of the most value-for-money tendon dishes in Singapore! You get a hearty bowl of prawn tempura, fried chicken breast, as well as deep-fried long beans and mushrooms and all these ingredients are set atop a bowl of multigrain rice. Our favourite item was definitely the prawn tempura, as it was of a pretty generous size (plus there are 2 pieces) and the batter was really crispy! 😁

While you could go with the original, spicy or mala sauce, we have always gone with the spicy sauce as we thought it adds more flavour to the tendon. Furthermore, as with most Japanese dishes, the spice level is very bearable so there is no need to worry too much about it. We haven't tried the mala but we think it might be a little strange for that to go with a tendon bowl. 😅

The restaurant wasn't very crowded for a weekday lunch although a slight queue might form if you aren't able to beat the office lunch crowd! Hence, do try to go down early (~1130) if possible!

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