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Trying something different at Wild Honey this time (their English set has always been satisfying), so I decided to order the Boulevard St Michel (S$24.00) because savoury French toast sounded a little different from the usuals. Behold, when French toast is made out of fresh brioche, the instant it enters the mouth, it will give that fluffy feeling but with a little crisp from the toasting. Clearly, I’m stoked.

But that’s not all. Alongside the brioche comes its sidekicks: the parmesan crumbed poached egg (crispy on the outside but lava-ish on the inside), the spinach soufflé (someone teach me how to make this, please!) and the spicy tomato chutney (my toast almost became a pizza with this). Did I forget to introduce the lightly-roasted tomatoes? Well, they’re not fantastic on their own, but perhaps makes a good garnish by the side.

With this all-day breakfast, it brings me to realise that a hearty meal need not be one with large portions, but one that is filling enough, just like this one over here.