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[Burpple Beyond] Super filling dinner with humongous glasses of drinks that is impossible to finish with just two people.

Baja Fish Tacos ($17) is a must-order on the menu! The fish is so fresh that it just melts in the mouth the minute you bite into it.

For Burritos, you can only choose between Fajita Classic($16) or Vatos Style ($18), and pick a meat of your choice. We had Carne Asada (+$3) and it was okay only, so maybe go for a cheaper choice. Burrito was actually very filling as there were a lot of ingredients wrapped up inside, and it was not glam working through it. (Not an item to order on your first date also as it is really quite messy working through it.)

For Drinks, we had Frozen Margarita Peach Flavour ($23) and Makgeolita Passion Fruit Flavour ($28). We liked the Margarita more and managed to finish it! But Makgeolita was really strong as it was a mixture of tequila and makgeolli.

We ordered Kimchi Carnitas Fries ($19) and they were very generous with the braised pork! Super good portion for sharing!

Would definitely be returning to try other tacos! 🌟