Those who live at Ang Mo Kio would probably have noticed this new branch of Haig Road Putu Piring open at the Mr Teh Tarik Eating House at Ang Mo Kio Central. Personally both the original outlet and this new Ang Mo Kio outlet taste the same (which is a good thing since standards are maintained) — that gooey Gula Melaka just gives it a good amount of sweetness and is well distributed within the Putu Piring. Texturally, the Gula Melaka from this outlet at Ang Mo Kio seems more completely melted while there are crunchier bits that's all sticky and warm along the melted Gula Melaka at the original Haig Road outlet that gives it a bit more dimension in terms of texture. Still, it's definitely a good thing now that there is a branch that is nearer for my Putu Piring fix, especially since the two other outlets are in the eastern side of the island.