Unimpressed with the service here at Xin Wah Kee. They have a few choices of soups - toman fish or red grouper, or you could opt for the seafood options at the same price as the fish soup counterparts with more varieties of seafood and less fish slices.

I got the Toman Fish soup without any rice and noodles (+0.50 for rice, thick bee hoon, kuay tiao or mee sua). Originally wanted the set with you cai, but you can’t change the set as it comes with ngoh hiang. Bought the you cai separately instead which cost $2.80. The menu is quite inflexible, as I also wanted to get the chicken soup which they had advertised as a set with rice, veg and drinks. Unfortunately, you can’t order the chicken soup as an ala carte item so.. didn’t bother trying.

Tastewise, the fish soup is not bad. It’s got a milky white finish and is quite thick, slightly sweet and nourishing. There’s no fishy smell, and the Toman fish slices have no bones, plus there’s quite a decent number of fish slices and large rectangles of silken tofu inside. There’s a hint of shaoxing wine, with tomato and cabbage.

For the you cai, the vegetables were lightly poached which left them very crisp. However, the sauce was much sweeter than usual. It’d have been better if the sauce was less sweet and more savoury.

We also got two pieces of prawn roll/ngoh hiang, but they weren’t nice. The rolls weren’t served hot, and the portion size looked miserable. While the meat was tender, the roll left a powdery feeling when bitten into, with a strange aftertaste.

I doubt I’ll be visiting Xin Wah Kee again given the subpar service, sides and a mediocre fish soup. There’s other places that I’d go for a fish soup craving, and other places that I’d rather spend my money and calories at in Velocity.