Noticed the opening of Edith Patisserie’s latest dine-in concept at 9 Penang Road (where Park Mall used to be) whilst passing Dhoby Ghaut after work last week — Edith Patisserie Cake Bar is their very first venture into full cafe operations, and is situated right beside TAP Craft Beer in the same building. Was rather spoilt for choice given the wide variety of desserts and small bites available here — Edith Patisserie Cake Bar also do serve up pastries, waffles and soft-serve alongside a good selection of cakes at their newest outpost; all that with specialty coffee brewed using local roastery PPP Coffee’s Throwback blend as well as other beverages such as tea on the menu.

Whilst the cakes were pretty satisfying at Edith Patisserie Cake Bar, those who are not into sweet treats can also considering going for the Kimchi Cheese Roll — a bread roll that comes swirled with bits of Kimchi and cheese melted into the bread roll. Was honestly expecting the bread to be a little dry; an impression that is left behind by the various bread rolls that featured cheese that we have had before from some local bakeries — that being said, the Kimchi Cheese Roll was set to impress with its pillowy soft texture which was easy to have, not to mention how the occasional piece of Kimchi adds a bright tanginess that was pretty refreshing without being particularly spicy. The melted cheese works well with the kimchi — somewhat of a safe combination considering how cheese somehow always have a spot with Korean cuisine usually (especially those featuring Gochujang and the likes of it); provides a light hint of savouriness that makes the bread pretty comforting to have. Works especially well with a Long Black on the side; something I would gladly have whilst sipping on some coffee over a book.

Given how there is a fair bit of social media attention thrown onto the place recently, do expect some waiting time for seats considering that the seating space is fairly limited. That being said, given how they do churn out rather well-executed desserts and how the cafe is located in a centralised location, this would be a spot I would likely to return when the crowds die down for a relaxed mid-day cuppa.