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Tried out the McDonald’s Crispy Chicken by ordering the Crispy Chicken Feast ($10.30) which comes with Twister Fries (yay!), Chocolate Pie (double yay!) and a drink.

The crispy chicken is served in a box and comes with two delectably golden brown fried chicken cutlets. To be honest we weren’t expecting much, but the chicken turned out to be super crisp. There was a satisfying crunch with every bite, made even more satisfying when your teeth sink into the juicy and succulent chicken flesh. The great thing was that the chicken wasn’t overly oily, in fact it actually doesn’t leave your fingers or tastebuds feeling greasy. It is indeed a little bit spicy, not much, but enough to give it some flavour. I dipped it with the garlic chilli for some extra flavour too and it was delicious! While I wouldn’t go out of my way just to get this, it’s a nice addition to the menu and worth popping by if it’s on the way to try.

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