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Official page of Yong He Eating House 永和豆浆油条大王: https://www.facebook.com/yonghe.dawang We are open 24/7!

458 Geylang Road
Singapore 389417

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Open 24 hours

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From the Burpple community

Yong He is one of the better tao hui I had.

The soya bean drink was fairly thick and tasted more like beancurd than those I drink regularly at hawker centres nearby.

Tao hui was rather filling. Thick texture.

I actually like the beancurd drink more than then the beancurd.

You tiao was hot & crispy

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The saltish beancurd is like a savoury version of a classic beancurd without the syrup but topped with bits of stewed minced pork, preserved vegetables and spring onions in a soya sauce mix. Although it may seem weird, it did not taste as bad as I thought and instead turned out quite appetising.

The texture of the toasted bun with pork floss and egg (烧饼) was fluffy and doughy which makes it quite filling when added with egg and savoury pork floss. The 烧饼 was served warm with a comforting and chewy bite. I also added a cup of soya milk but it somehow fell short of expectations. It was not thick in texture and almost tasteless.

Yong He is a place to check out for late-night snacks but I will not purposely make a trip back unless I am nearby and have no other places to go.

Saltish Beancurd 》$2.80
Toasted Bun with Pork Floss and Egg 》$3.50
Soya Milk 》$1.80

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This is as unappetising as it looks. The meat was too mashed up and there wasn't much taste of any spices. Definitely not something that we'll recommend.


This dish is the budget version of 阿宗面线, except that instead of oysters, it uses pig intestines as the staple for the dish. The gravy is slightly less thick than that at many other Taiwan eateries in Singapore and it does not come with vinegar added - you have to remember to add the vinegar yourself or the dish would be rather tasteless. For $4.50, we felt that it was a decent main dish although you should probably avoid it if you are not a fan of pig innards.

Yong He wasn't very crowded when we visited on a weekday evening although there were times at which there were only one or two vacant tables. It should not be too difficult to get a seat at dinnertime, unlike the long queues you will find at the stall during the breakfast hours!

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We visited Yong He Eating House as we heard of the cheap Taiwanese food that the eatery has been serving for a really long time! As we visited for dinner, we thought to get something more filling aside from the beancurd (which is what Yong He is known for), and we decided to try out the xiaolongbao!

While the xiaolongbao was really cheap ($6.80 for 8 pieces 😁), it was not very nice. We felt that the outer layer was a little too thick and chewy and this might make the dish a little more filling than expected. In addition, the "soup" from the melting of the gelatinised pork broth in each Bao was non-existent, which we felt was quite disappointing given that that is supposed to be the hallmark of a xiaolongbao.

In short, we would not order this again and we would rather try the other items on Yong He's pretty extensive menu.

Not worth the calories. While there are good memories of the food in their Taiwan outlet, the one in Singapore has lousy food and services. A place to check out for supper if you have no place to go to.

The kitchen looks quite dirty as compared to the dining area with pots and pans lying askew.

Soya bean drink served in a plastic cup with cracks that it was leaking. While Lu Rou Fan was one of the worst I had. The only saving grace might be their You Tiao with Mochi. Super oily and stale, but the Mochi is a nice balance to the crunch.