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If there's an identity to the overall meh Kovan hawker centre, it's the bcm rivalry. I rarely join the queues but I know they're all quite good. Compared to bcm elsewhere, here they're generously seasoned. The portion of the noodles was also huge.

Noodles texture cooked just right, retaining it's springy texture for a good bite. Comes with a good portion of ingredients such as minced pork, liver, fishball, fish cake, meat ball and braised mushroom. Their sauce includes their fiery chili but carries a hint of sweetness and the amount of vinegar used is not too overpowering.

The Bak Chor Mee ($4) from Fa Ji Minced Meat Fishball Noodles at Kovan Market and Food Centre (#01-05) features springy egg noodles, fishballs, minced meat, pork liver and mushroom tossed in a delicious chilli sauce - pretty good stuff! The portion is quite generous too - there is usually a queue but it is worth the wait:)

$5 (add fishball)

The best bar chor mee of the 3 at kovan 209

Will return for this all the time.

Store have been serving delicious noodles for over a decade and is still keeping up their standard.
Expect to queue for atleast 10mins anytime of the day.

Although they are famous for their bar chor mee (minced meat noodles), their curry noodles is also really nice. Served together with tender steamed white chicken meats and fish cake, along with thick curry soup that's not too salty non oily.

Eta: the amount of fried pork lard is awesome!

Food 10/10
Location 7/10
Ambience NA
Price 7/10
Service NA
Overall 8/10

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1 out of the 3 stalls selling minced meat noodles at Kovan 209 hawker centre, each of which has its own queue. Other than the generous amount of ingredients such as minced meat, fish balls, fish cake slices, mushroom slices, meat ball, pork lard, the sauce that the noodles were tossed in was heavily flavored and filled about a quarter of the bowl. Their chili has quite a bit of spicy kick. However, the noodles was a little tough and the overall taste was only average, probably not worth spending time on queuing.