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From the Burpple community

I still want insist to have you mian in tom yum soup!

Simple dish done right. Great carbo, enough protein and great tasty soup base. One if the best in the job.

Was around ang mo kio and heard a friend recommending this place. Queuing time for the noodles is a bit long (ard 15min) but their noodles are pretty awesome. Their broth is tasty and their meat is really fresh! Try the ban mian because it is hand made and has a really soft and light texture compared to the usual kinds. Really delightful to the tastebuds! And the Tom Yum ban mian 👍🏻👍🏻 the Tom Yum is good! Sour at the start and spicy and the end. I loved it, even more so than my original you mian :) Their food gives a very homely feel. Go during non peak hours! Price range between $3.30-$4.50. Very affordable!
*Note: they have 2 queues! Order queue on the right and waiting queue on the left. Don't get confused!

Rating: 4.5/5 (Cheap and Good 🙌🏼)

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$4.30, this bowl of banmian isn't like the usual - thinly sliced pork belly, along with the usual minced meat. This sweet broth tastes quite natural and light so yep, finished the entire bowl. The noodles are thinner than usual too, tastes a little like horfun.


$4.50 for dry version, Yu mian for choice of noodle. Quite tasty but serving quite small.

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Both the dry and soup version tasted great! Didn’t feel like i was drinking MSG for the broth. The queue can be quite long during dinner time as they cook the noodle 1 bowl at a time... so go during non-peak hours.

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