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Surprised to see that durians were still available in January. This durian pop up in NTUC Finest is only here on weekends. Their Mao Shan Wang durians were really good. Not too expensive and very very delicious. Flesh was creamy and thick, seeds were small too. Sometimes when they had more stock, I could get 2 boxes for $60.

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61% cocoa from Nicaragua 🇳🇮
Too sweet for our liking ( note to choose higher % to lessen the sweetness next time)

The ice cream was on the sweet side, but I enjoyed the bursts of tang from the peaches. The raspberries also helped to lower the sweetness with their sourness.

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This rich dark choc ice cream definitely satisfied my choc craving. Besides the bits of almonds that provided a nice crunch, there were choc chips that added a different feel. Really nice.

If I had to eat choc ice cream, I would choose Belgium Choc. Somehow it just tastes better. And this Belgium Choc ice cream was indeed delicious. I hadn’t expected to see flakes of choc inside the ice cream. They provided an interesting crunch to the creamy ice cream and made it even more addictive. A bit on the sweet side, but bcos it was Belgium, I could be forgiving.

I just adored the color scheme and design used for this carton. So eye catching. The ice cream within was as delicious as it was beautiful. The lavender taste and scent was unmistakable. The chewy blueberry fruit scattered haphazardly everywhere provided a different texture to the creamy goodness. Not too sweet either, with a hint of tang from the blueberries. It was not easy stopping myself from devouring the whole thing in one sitting. A wondrous treat for all the senses.