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This is what you get when you have 12 stamps to claim but can only use up 3 cos the lines are wayyy to long to line up just for one person. Wish I got to try the Caramel Strawberries 😭 they looked SOo good! "For it was not into my ear you whispered, but into my heart. It was not my lips you kissed, but my soul." -Judy Garland #quote #qotd


This was at the Shoe shop at #FantasiaByEscriba. If you wanted to, you could even buy yourself a shoe
 not sure what you'd do with it though?! #Shoes


Watched the chefs preparing this from the queue. They kept touching the top of the omelette and kept putting it back in the oven. I'm guessing they were trying to feel if it was warmed up. It was awkward as the omelette was quite cold. So I'm not sure if they were attempting to heat it up or just attempting to make it less cold?! Wasn't quite to my liking.


Went to get this because there was no queue. Then I understood why 😂 #FantasiaByEscriba.
I've learnt attending these events require strategy and going alone is
 well there's no chance to try anything! With some queues taking 15 min to reach the food, it's quite silly to line up for just yourself. I would recommend bringing at least 3 friends to line up at different food stations to grab a few of each item to share. Hit the Caramel Strawberries & Croissants. I only managed to line up to try 3 items before giving up and decided to go for an Academy Class which was the best decision ever.

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Making molecular #Strawberry Spheres! Glad I decided to sign up for the Innovation class at EacribĂ  Academy with Chef Martin Lippo! Got to learn to make innovative desserts like Frozen Chocolate Air, Nitrogen Yoghurt Macarons and these Molecular Strawberry Spheres decorated with gold leaf and pop in your mouth with flavour. I highly recommend going to the Academy classes, especially this Innovation one for 6 gold ($30), but calculate how much you need first, as they only sell a min. of 6 gold each transaction (which is a little silly I reckon).


This tastes surprisingly good. Especially the part with olive oil and salt. Takes away the sweetness of the chocolate. This is a free item at Fantasia, with hardly any queues! But it's all the way at the back near the Academy.  #FantasiaByEscriba

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