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  • Intimate setting and excellent service make for a warm experience
  • Celebratory yet non-stuffy date nights over a delightful 7-course menu
  • Deckle, Wagyu Tri Tip, Creamed Kale, Sticky Date Pudding

10 Jalan Serene
#01-04 Serene Centre
Singapore 258748

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06:00pm - 10:00pm

06:00pm - 11:00pm

06:00pm - 11:00pm

06:00pm - 10:00pm

06:00pm - 10:00pm

06:00pm - 10:00pm

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From the Burpple community

FBG still remains the laidback community steakhouse in Bukit Timah with a hearty menu of sharing plates and a vision to showcase a rotating list of secondary cuts of beef sourced from the best farms around the world.

The dinner tasting started off with several starters such as the Fried Camembert Cheese ($17), Chopped Caesar ($14) and Roasted Hokkaido Scallops ($18), the latter served with a chickpea salsa and hollandaise. Paying homage to the original Caesar salad, the Chopped Caesar comes with Romaine lettuce and rubbed kale that are tossed in a tequila anchovy dressing. Moving onto the mains, FBG adopts a minimalist approach to the meats, the carefully sourced cuts are simply grilled over charcoal flames, rested then sliced and served. We had the privilege to sample three cuts of steak, starting with the 2GR Full-Blood Wagyu Denver MS-6/7 ($67) which is a highly marbled steak with lots of richness and flavour before diving into the Jack’s Creek F1 Wagyu Deckle MS-4/5 ($58), notably my favourite of the night. This cut of steak has the perfect amount marbling while still giving a nice beefy flavour in the overall bite. The best way to enjoy it is just to dip it in some sea salt and let the flavours overwhelm your senses. Finally, the Rioplatense Argentinian Grass-fed Ribeye which has the juiciest bite and beefiest flavour.

To complement the steak cuts, FBG serves a variety of sides from their popular Fried Brussels Sprouts ($14) to Pomme Puree ($10) and Grilled Broccolini ($14), the classic sides that you should get when at a steakhouse. You have got to save stomach space for FBG’s sweet treats too with desserts such as Stan’s Tiramisu ($14), New York Cheesecake ($12) and Burnt Chocolate Mousse ($16), with the chocolate mousse the most interesting out of the lot. It features dark chocolate made from 65% Guanaja and is blended with silken tofu to give it a light texture that is almost reminiscent of eating a sorbet, and finished with a refreshing yuzu sorbet, deep-fried walnuts, and dark chocolate tuile.
📍 10 Jalan Serene, Serene Centre, Unit 01-04, Singapore 258748
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Found this secluded lil steakhouse a few minutes from Botanics MRT - and I got to say it was AMAZING.
Staff service was amazing and despite the small little space the interior design and dim lighting sets a nice ambience!
Fried Camembert w Truffle Honey
Seemingly mediocre like fried aracini balls, this was really good and that truffle honey - was a game changer! The honey was mild but the truffle taste and smell was so strong, it lingers in your mouth!
Jack's Creek F1 Wagyu Deckle Marble Score 4/5 (200g)
The score 4/5 represents the amount of marbling and with just this - the beef was already so good! The fats are more visible and if you like your meats more soft and chewy with a soft melty feel in your mouth - this is the one to go!
2GR Full-Blood Wagyu Marble Score 6/7 Denver (200g)
This is my ultimate fave! It has a higher marbling score so it seems as though there is very little fat, but its just more well distributed throughout the meat! And it gives a more lean and less chewy texture, making it easier to bite off.
Both secondary cuts of meat were simply grilled till medium rare, served with raw salt and melty roasted garlic. Simply amazing!
Grilled Broccolini
This was served well charred with chili and anchovie emulsion - so so GOOD! The chili sauce was a lil spicy with some curried flavours!
Charred Gem Lettuce
Served with some spicy yoghurt dressing mixed in with a unique blend of spices like dukkah. Its so good and given that both vegetables are grilled, it is less oily and helps cut out from the fattiness of the beef.
House-baked Cheesecake
Served with berry compote, was so so good! A good closing for the amazing mains.
All in all a blast of an experience! Would highly recommend others to come to this place for a cute date night in this small cozy steakhouse!


Went to Fat Belly (near Botanic Gardens) for dinner today which was a really enjoyable and unique experience. We were served the set menu which consist of the Fried Camembert with pickled jalapeno and truffle honey which tasted really good and the truffle smell was very fragrant as well! For the mains, we had two kinds of steak, namely, Jack's Creek F1 Wagyu Deckle and 2GR Full-Blood Wagyu Denver which i like them both as they were both juicy and tender :) The vegetables sides which include the grilled broccolini and charred gems both paired very well with the steak and their dressing had an exquisite taste as well (Chilli & Garlic for broccolini and Spiced Yougurt Dressing for the charred gems). The meal ended well with the dessert which is the house-baked cheese cake with strawberry compote which i thoroughly enjoyed too! Overall was a fantastic experience! :D

FBG is a great steakhouse for everyone. Great location as you can have a stroll in Botanic Gardens before enjoying steak at FBG. We had Fried Camembert to start. I’m a cheese lover so I really enjoyed it. Dipping it with Truffle Honey really made the taste even better. We also had Kale Salad and Broccolini as our sides. They had very interesting taste. The Kale Salad was so creamy and I just felt like I needed more of it! We had Denver and Ribeye steak as our mains. It was medium rare. Loved it! We also ordered Aperol Spirit as they had 1 for 1 special on Monday. Overall, I would recommend this to everyone!

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We tried Meadesmoore and loved it so much we had to try the sister outlet FBG (Fat Belly). I have been wanting to try this place out and so glad I did! It is also a steakhouse located beside Botanic Gardens mrt (a short 3 mins walk). They have outdoor seatings if you like a nice alfresco dining.

We had the Fried Camembert for starters. If you like mozzarella sticks or anything cheese, you will love this. It is lighter, softer and creamier (no cheese pull though). Paired with truffle honey dip, super addictive!

On to our main course, we had 2 different cuts of steak. Denver and Ribeye, Denver is fattier but if you are like me who prefers a good balance of fat and lean meat then ribeye will be great. Both are super tender and juicy. Honestly one of the best steaks i have had and i am really picky. You know the steaks are that good when no sauce is needed just a light dip in salt - perfection.

Of course, not forgetting our sides we had creamed kale and grilled broccolini. Both vegetables i do not usually order but it was really flavourful and had a nice crunch.

Ended our meal with their Tiramisu which i tried at meadesmoore and loveeed.

Overall, i highly recommend this place. I will definitely return for more. You need to try their steak for yourself you will not be disappointed!

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FBG is a steakhouse conveniently located beside Botanic Gardens MRT. It has excellent ambience and service. Being seated right in front of the open kitchen brings a nice view of the food being prepared which really elevated the experience.

Fried Camembert was the starter, which was served with pickled jalapeños & truffle honey. The Camembert was crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. The truffle honey was really unique and pleasantly surprising and paired nicely with the cheese. The sides were Grilled Broccolini and Charred Gem Lettuce. The former had a nice subtle lingering flavour with its dressing, while the latter had a more impactful flavour and all its ingredients came together wonderfully.

Jack's Creek F1 Wagyu Deckle and 2GR Full-Blood Wagyu Denver were the main course. Also ordered the Aperol Spritz to whet the appetite. Both cuts were soft and juicy and almost melts in the mouth. Really flavourful and took no time at all to finish.

Finished the meal with the House-Baked Cheese Cake, expertly decorated with the strawberries compote. The richness of the cheesecake contrasted nicely with the sweetness of the sauce.

Would certainly come here again for special occasions.

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