Fat Bird 胖胖鸡 (Bugis)

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Fat Bird is a revolutionary dining concept that offers the versatility of enjoying Chongqing Hot Pot with the exquisite taste of dry wok cooking method. Our signature Chicken Pot features free-range Kampung Chicken chosen for its tender, succulent meat. Bite sized chicken pieces are then cooked over high heat to lock in all the flavours from a secret recipe sauce prepared with 13 carefully selected herbs and spices. The result is an aromatic pot that is bursting with the distinct taste of Sichuan. Choose to top up the pot with our broth and add a selection of vegetables for additional wholesome variety. Fat Bird is the perfect place for friendly gatherings, for both young and old!

15-16 Liang Seah Street
Singapore 189022

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11:00am - 11:30pm

11:00am - 11:30pm

11:00am - 11:30pm

11:00am - 11:30pm

11:00am - 02:00am

11:00am - 02:00am

11:00am - 01:00am

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Spicy and fragrant chicken pot with thick and savoury broth, filled with endless chunks of chicken tender to the bite. The broth tastes quite similar to the mala hotpot sans the numbing effect. Additional side dishes are available (chargeable) for add-ons.

Thanks to Burpple Beyond, we get to enjoy 30% Off Total Bill ✌ (U.P. $32.80 / Medium)

[Clockwise from top left]
Sliced Potatoes ($1.90)
Sizzling Chicken Claypot ($13.80)
Tinfoil Enoki Mushrooms ($4.50)
San Bei Chicken ($13.80)

Claypot dishes were chock-full of meat and the sauces paired nicely with rice ($1.50/portion). We preferred the Sizzling Chicken pot as there were plenty of veges (onions, capsicum, leeks)as compared to the San Bei Chicken which only had chicken chunks and basil. Grilled potato and Enoki sides were great and we loved the generous amounts of garlic served with them.

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ABSOLUTELY AMAZED 🫶🏻 our bellies r soo happy rn!!! ordered the spicy & fragrant chicken pot & had a one for one house special chicken (black sauce, a little sweet). both pots were $25.80++ before discount for regular sized. spice level also customizable for both - none, mild, medium, high. we ordered non-spicy for the house special & medium spicy for the spicy & fragrant pots. would say their spice level accurately matches what one wld expect a 中辣 to be. they were generous w the chicken (v tender)! flavours were super bomb. we requested our add ons (side dishes) to be put separately so we could do it hotpot style too.

UPDATE: returned 3 weeks later and suddenly the price of their pots became $32.80++???? that is a $7 inflation... food quality & quantity is still there but for this big a price jump, it's kinda off-putting & the pot is only worth if you have burpple one for one and even then you could probably find cheaper options that are just as good around 🫠🫠🫠


Always saw a good crowd whenever I passed so I finally grabbed the chance to visit. Had the Mushroom Herbs Chicken Pot and added on the String Beans. Really big portions, but do add on some veges to the pot as after a while it was chicken after chicken after chicken all tasting the same, would have liked a mix of textures after a while. The mushroom herb flavour was good but think I'll try something spicier and more fragrant next time. Didn't really like the string beans as it wasn't like the ones I liked (the shrimp and minced meat ones). But overall with the burpple discount it was quite worth it.


I must say they are super generous with their chicken and this is the medium size pot btw… Glad that we ordered handmade noodles and sliced pork which went really well with the sauce.

Thanks to Burpple Beyond, I enjoyed 30% of the total bill!😄👍


Fat Bird was surprisingly crowded despite it being a Monday night but thankfully, it was ok as we made a reservation beforehand. We got the signature chicken pot as we assumed that it would be the signature dish of the restaurant. Do note that this is the two-person serving and there is the option to upsize the pot if you are dining in with more friends!

As we were afraid that the dish would be too spicy, we asked for the hotpot to be less spicy as well. However, there was almost no spice in it so for those of you who are looking for some kick, we would like to suggest that you go with normal and more spicy levels.

Without the spice, the sauce had a tinge of sweetness in it and we thought it went pretty well with normal white rice! You can customize the ingredients by adding on additional items into the pot and we decided to add instant noodles as we were reminiscing about 麻辣香锅! However, we think it would be better to have rice with the sauce from the claypot as the instant noodles paired a little strangely with the sauce. Chicken was pretty generous and very tender and there were really no bones (although you can opt for bones when ordering but most people wouldn't do that).

Do use your Burpple vouchers if you are dining in at the restaurant to get 30% off! Otherwise, the dish may be a tad expensive at close to $35 after including GST and service charge.

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