Chef Sam Chablani, Chef Song, and the founders of Five & Dime Eatery are proud to present Fat Lulu's, a modern asian barbeque kitchen and dessert bar. This new concept incorporates bold asian flavors, grilled meats & seafood, and a spirited dessert program.

297 River Valley Road
Singapore 238338

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Reviews of good food at Fat Lulu's

This dessert is part of the new $65++ Dessert Pig Out nightly/weekend brunch menu, wherein up to four people can eat until they poop because for that price they get TEN full-sized dessert items. #NoDessertNoKiss

This dessert is part of the new $65++ Dessert Pig Out nightly/weekend brunch menu, wherein up to four people can eat until they poop because for that price they get TEN full-sized dessert items. #NoDessertNoKiss

For that price, you get TEN beautiful plated desserts (yes, TEN - see IG Stories for the visuals) for one massive, nitrogen-heavy, ridiculously value-for-money dessert bonanza. The Three Porn Stars is not on the Dessert Pig Out menu, but is available as an add-on if you want some pornstar disco stick fun. #NoDessertNoKiss

Serving almost everything on their menu, every single component on the platter is delicious. We especially liked the hamachi collar with it's ultra tender meat, tasty pork satay, cha-siew-like iberico pork & burnt corn. The platter has increased in price from $198 as it now includes 2 of their desserts (a worth it combo imo as each dessert is $14-$16). Their desserts are like no other, going out of the box to tantalize our taste buds in unique ways. The pineapple ice kachang is still a winner while the atas kinder bueno provided smooth and rich chocolate that is perfect for chocolate lovers.
⚠️ Meant for 4 people but it was good enough for my group of 6 rather small eaters
📍@sgfatlulus, 297 River Valley Road S238338

It's a close call but the most memorable dish from last night's dinner for me, was the Ikan Bakar.
The hamachi (yellowtail fish) collar was extremely moist, smooth and slippery-tender of flesh. It tasted like it had been marinated for a very respectable length of time in the "rempah" paste too. Grilling the fish enveloped it in a seductive smokiness, making it all the more mouthwatering.
Confession: I didn't share this. It's simply too good.

Bringing sexy back to veggies was this special on the board.
The "Burnt Greens" which consisted of grilled padron peppers and snow peas buried under a flurry of grated goat cheese, was all kinds of wonderful - crisp, succulent, smoky, salty and mildly pungent.
Even if you've been to @sgfatlulus for their popular sharing platters, I think it'll be rewarding to return and explore their a la carte items.

The combination of burrata and tomatoes is nothing new but I feel this vibrant coloured rendition at Fat Lulu's deserves some attention.
Firstly, they use San Mazarno tomatoes which are imported from Italy. Sweet and firm of flesh, the tomatoes are halved, then plated not just with burrata cheese but also an interesting gula melaka balsamic vinaigrette, bits of olives and a basil oil.
This simple but really good dish should not be missed for its interesting local touch on an Italian classic.

What's in it:
Burrata salad with basil olive dressing (superb, my all time favorite dish)
Satay chicken (moist and spicy)
Ribs (smoky and tender it fell of the bone)
Pomfret (surprisingly good)
Beef chuck (pink and flavorful)
Jacket potato

🐷 out Platter serves 2 couples just fine. $198

It's our 3rd visit here and so far we enjoyed every visit!

Make sure you have room for dessert cos they are really great palate cleansers! Each at ~$16-18.

The menu says the sauce involves smoked sour cream, oregano & lemon but it's way more than that with slight spice and is real delicious & unique - a taste that can't be put into words. The corn is barbecued well, creating a nice crisp while retaining its sweetness
📍@sgfatlulus, 297 River Valley Road S238338

A unique dessert that was highly executed. Each component (white chocolate ice cream, cassis granita, frozen cassis foam, elderflower infused strawberries) tasted delicious and went well with each other. Especially liked the textures of the dessert - smooth & crunchy at the same time
📍@sgfatlulus, 297 River Valley Road S238338

The frozen cassis foam (made with liquid nitrogen) looked solid, but was extremely light and melted once it touched my tongue; a good contrast to the intense cassis granita. The compressed strawberries had a gentle hit of elderflower and provided refreshing bursts due to the change in texture. Everything was right about this dessert - the textural contrasts, the balance of flavor and an nice creamy ice cream to bind the fruitiness together. I typically avoid desserts with berries as more often than not, you usually end up with an extremely acidic hit with all the berries but this proved to be a game changer. I will go back to @sgfatlulus just for desserts - but they will surprise you with more than just desserts. #burpple #fatlulussg

A big spoon for you, open your mouth please! This dish had a grand smokey entrance with the nitrogen smoke (very IG-worthy moment) and had us swooning from the very first bite. Imagine a modern remake of our local classic dessert. Pineapple granita with coconut ice cream, topped with chendol green bits and coconut foam should be eaten in a single mouthful to best appreciate the mix of flavours. ($16)

And you thought Kinder Bueno could not be reinvented? This dish will send you to chocolate heaven.. Minus the chocolate sponge. The bitter chocolate sherbet, the Bailey's hazelnut cream & creamy milk chocolate all hit the right sweet spots! This was like flying business class in Kinder Bueno airlines! They should rethink the sponge though. Only makes one want to poke it to test it's spongeiness! 😁 ($16)

Parrot fish... achar..Sounds like nasi lemak fish according to my friend. Eaten when freshly served, this parrot fish was sweet but had a spicy garlic chili butter to awaken those sleepy taste buds! Let your taste buds sizzle down with the fresh cucumber achar before going back for another bite of the fish. Best eaten while hot.. if not it gets a bit fishy!

I've heard of duck fat potatoes. So when lamb fat potatoes was on the menu, how could I resist ordering? Lamb fat, leh!! Would it be ewww or wow? Only the potatoes were wow! Crispy on the outside, yet soft on the inside. The lamb fat left a unique aftertaste which was hard to describe in words..But made me reach out for a second piece while thinking about describing it! So that says it! Totally worth the carbs!!

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