* This place has closed :( Please try somewhere else. * Chef Sam Chablani, Chef Song, and the founders of Five & Dime Eatery are proud to present Fat Lulu's, a modern asian barbeque kitchen and dessert bar. This new concept incorporates bold asian flavors, grilled meats & seafood, and a spirited dessert program.

297 River Valley Road
Singapore 238338










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Reviews of good food at Fat Lulu's

This Sunday will be Fat Lulu’s last day of operations at 297 River Valley Road. However, this isn’t goodbye as Chef Sameer and his business partners plan to regroup and reopen at a new location in the later part of the year. A little bird told me they have actually found a place they all like at a central location but final confirmation is pending a few factors to be sorted out.
The team plans to retain their Asian barbecue and plated desserts concept but with some tweaks. You can also be sure new dishes will be introduced by Chef Sameer. With his upcoming two-week holiday in India, I’m guessing he’s bound to get plenty of inspiration right from the start of his sabbatical.
Till we meet again.


A winning plate, Fatlulu's Mini Childhood comes highly recommended with the crowd-pleasing combination of hazelnut popsicle, dark chocolate cookie, and tangy raspberry granita! Loving the textures, I really enjoyed the bursting sweetness of the granita which seems to bring out the mild nuttiness of the popsicle as well.


Hazelnut popsicle, raspberry granita and a chocolate cookie - thumbs up for the plating here. Definitely a fun way to end off the meal with that popping candy hidden inside too.


This was my favourite dish of the night. There’s just something about that butter which we happily drowned our bread in. This was $9 but I would definitely order it again though!

This platter consists of almost everything on their menu including two desserts so it made sense to order this even though we were quite hesitant cause of the price. Overall, the grilled meats were quite decent but we didn’t think it was worth the price tag. It’s meant for 4pax but my group of 7 managed it well if you’re a small eater. Service was good though, very attentive which we appreciated!

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Like a sweet party line, Fatlulu’s Desserts Pig Out ($65++) calls attention to their spirited dessert program with not one but 10 mini ones to share. Recommended for a group of 4, expect a good mix of light and heavier flavours. No one is the same and never a dull moment, I really enjoyed visual feast and each carried a pretty distinct profile as well.

Starting off with a bang, we had the Berries & White Chocolate, smooth white chocolate ice cream nicely balanced with lovely cassis granita, N2-froze cassis foam, and amazing elderflower infused strawberries. And in line we got “Usimarit”, which was a deconstructed tiramisu with a block of silky mascarpone panna cotta on coffee soaked sponge biscuits and kahlua granita. Pretty strong and intense in flavour. Hence to combat the bold coffee flavours, the refreshing Mini Childhood comes highly recommended with the crowd-pleasing combination of hazelnut popsicle, dark chocolate cookie, and tangy raspberry granita. For something even lighter, the seemingly simple and familiar Lemon Grass Jelly with calamansi sorbet and ginger flower was a pleasant change from the array. However, the unanimous favourite was the crusty Mocha Choux with the creamy decadent coffee cream and milk chocolate crisp top. The cocoa crumbles scattered around also adding a wonderful texture~ YASSS

So get a group of friends with a hearty sweet-tooth and indulge in a dessert pig out session!


I think it’s hard to pick a favourite at Fat Lulu’s. Every dish had an element or two that made me sigh overly-passionate anime character-style. Drawn by the excellent reviews, I not-so-subtly suggested my husband pick the River Valley Road native for our anniversary. Robust flavours, cheekily named desserts, and hearty chunky meats make up the menu here. Even the vegetables have an edge to them. One of the stars of the night was the delectable Open-Faced Beef Ravioli (a special of the week that I say should be on the regular menu), a seductive saucer of pasta draped over a mountain of glistening beef and spinach, topped with a web of cheese. Intriguing upon first glance and alive with flavour. The layers of pasta mimic the subtle beauty of dumpling skin, smooth with a light bite, and thin enough not to distract from the filling. Luscious strands of fall-apart tender beef mixed with spinach sit swimming in thick gravy. Umami comes to mind as you take a bite, the warmth of beef stew and comfort of sinfully-delicious carbs the perfect foil against a chilly evening. The sprinkling of cheese is subtle, so subtle that it is neither complimentary nor contradictory, it exists in its unimportance, a mere decoration. You’ll be loath to share this, each bite leaving you with a growing selfishness that will have you growling through gritted teeth “Joey doesn’t share food!” - sorry husband, I know you wanted more hahaha #fatlulus


This dessert is part of the new $65++ Dessert Pig Out nightly/weekend brunch menu, wherein up to four people can eat until they poop because for that price they get TEN full-sized dessert items. #NoDessertNoKiss


You’ll get not one or two but 10 different mini dessert!

Each beautifully plated and enticing in their own way. Just look at the luscious Mocha Choux. Filled with light chantilly chocolate, it is coated with fragrant coffee cream and cocoa crumbles.

Booze lovers will also fall in love with Apple & Champagne. Light refreshing green apple sorbet atop a bed of frozen champagne foam and popping candy, it’s a lovely way to end our Sunday brunch date.

Fat Lulu’s
Address: 297 River Valley Road, Singapore 238338


What you see here is just HALF of their cray dessert Pig Out menu! If desserts is your thing, this should definitely be the next stop on your wishlist. 🏃‍♂️

Everything is not just wonderfully plated, but beautifully balanced too! At no point did we feel gelat at all and it was over all too soon. Everything was great, but if I had to rank them I’d say the Mini Childhood took the top stop (who know raspberry granita would go so well with hazelnut?) with Passionfruit and Hazelnut trailing close behind. Now who says you can’t have dessert for a meal. 😜

This dessert is part of the new $65++ Dessert Pig Out nightly/weekend brunch menu, wherein up to four people can eat until they poop because for that price they get TEN full-sized dessert items. #NoDessertNoKiss

This dessert is part of the new $65++ Dessert Pig Out nightly/weekend brunch menu, wherein up to four people can eat until they poop because for that price they get TEN full-sized dessert items. #NoDessertNoKiss


For that price, you get TEN beautiful plated desserts (yes, TEN - see IG Stories for the visuals) for one massive, nitrogen-heavy, ridiculously value-for-money dessert bonanza. The Three Porn Stars is not on the Dessert Pig Out menu, but is available as an add-on if you want some pornstar disco stick fun. #NoDessertNoKiss

Serving almost everything on their menu, every single component on the platter is delicious. We especially liked the hamachi collar with it's ultra tender meat, tasty pork satay, cha-siew-like iberico pork & burnt corn. The platter has increased in price from $198 as it now includes 2 of their desserts (a worth it combo imo as each dessert is $14-$16). Their desserts are like no other, going out of the box to tantalize our taste buds in unique ways. The pineapple ice kachang is still a winner while the atas kinder bueno provided smooth and rich chocolate that is perfect for chocolate lovers.
⚠️ Meant for 4 people but it was good enough for my group of 6 rather small eaters
📍@sgfatlulus, 297 River Valley Road S238338

Bringing sexy back to veggies was this special on the board.
The "Burnt Greens" which consisted of grilled padron peppers and snow peas buried under a flurry of grated goat cheese, was all kinds of wonderful - crisp, succulent, smoky, salty and mildly pungent.
Even if you've been to @sgfatlulus for their popular sharing platters, I think it'll be rewarding to return and explore their a la carte items.


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