FATCAT Ice Cream Bar

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FATCAT Ice Cream :: Made from Scratch Extracting flavours from natural ingredients using modern techniques. Be surprised by how far natural flavours go!

416 Bedok North Avenue 2
Singapore 460416

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01:00pm - 10:00pm

01:00pm - 10:00pm

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12:00pm - 10:00pm

01:00pm - 10:00pm

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From the Burpple community

Waffles were warm, fluffy, and crispy, paired well with the honey osmanthus ice cream which hit both sweet and floral notes! Loved it.

Have been wanting to get my grubby hands on these when I have first noticed that Fatcat Ice Cream Bar have been offering cold brews; after all, while usual cold brews are pretty much a common sight everywhere, Fatcat Ice Cream Bar’s variant brings the usual cold brew a little further with its infusion of their own house-made ice-creams.

With three different flavours to go for (Hokkaido Milk, Mocha and Matcha), my choice was the Hokkaido Milk — pretty similar to that of the usual Cold Brew (White) that are often seen at other specialty coffee cafes that are part of third-wave coffee movement. The Ice-Cream Milkshake Cold Brew (Hokkaido Milk) from Fatcat Ice Cream Bar whilst being distinctively more creamier in terms of flavour, still carried a more liquid consistency than other creamier cold brews like the ones offered by Curious Palette/Stranger’s Reunion/Wakey Wakey and Brawn & Brains. Their rendition is also sweeter, perhaps due to how their version employs the use of ice-cream over normal milk and sugar syrup that other spots tend to use, but is still pretty well-balanced by being a more richer and punchier concoction overall; still evident is the coffee’s earthy and nutty notes amidst all the creaminess and sweetness going on — one that I actually quite liked and would go for again.

Whilst Fatcat Ice Cream Bar is probably best known for their Mojito Spheres and Charcoal Waffles with Salted Egg Sauce in their beginning years, it is interesting to see how they have since also included other items such as the Ice-Cream Milkshake Cold Brew in their menu — an interesting move that gives them a wider variety than the usual ice-cream parlour elsewhere.

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Went on a Friday evening and it was def crowded! Got the charcoal waffles with Thai milk tea + earl grey lavender! One of the best waffles out there! Crispy and had a great burnt taste, and the ice cream were a great combo too! Love the ice cream and would certainly come back again

The bestttttt coffee in Singapore if you're a piccolo latte lover. They're more known for ice cream and waffles, but their coffee is definitely top 3 over the last 5 years in Singapore. We need to give them a lot more credit for topping the touted specialty coffee cafes sprouting up, dime a dozen each week.

Not sour/acidic, nor burnt. Milk is frothed smooth and served at the right temperature, ending in a cup that is perfect notes of coffee and latte. 😸

Bonus: on Mondays you get 2nd cup for 50% off.

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When I first chance upon this store, I didn't really have high expectation as a lot of ice cream stores Ive tried were only average. However, fatcat really suprised me with the ice cream and waffles. The ambience of the cafe really brings a cozy and warm feeling that makes you want to stay there!

I've ordered 2 scoops of ice cream and paired it with a charcoal waffle. There are 2 waffle flavours (charcoal and brown butter) but I decided to eat the charcoal one as it looks really appealing. I went on with choosing my 2 scoops of ice cream (Yuzu matcha and shoyu caramel). The waffle is a little pricey which cost $6.50. The 2 scoops cost $8.50 + $1.40 for premium flavours. The total cost would amount to $16.40.

The dessert came in about 10min or so as they had a lot of customers. The waffles was the first thing and tried and boy did it not disappoint. Crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside paired with its burnt flavour from the charcoal really made it one of the best waffle I've eaten.The Shoyu Caramel was had a distinct shoyu flavour. Paired with the caramel, the combo is really divine. For caramel lovers out there, I would definitely recommend this. The matcha yuzu flavour was delicious as well. However, i dont really taste the matcha as the yuzu overpowers the flavour of the ice cream.

All in all a good ice cream cafe to go to. I would definitely go out of my way and get myself an ice cream if I'm feeling for desserts! A very strong 9/10 😊😊🍦🍦

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Finally got the chance to try FATCAT, and I was left impressed by the ice cream flavours and waffles. The Osmanthus Honey had a strong tea flavour, while the Lychee one (can't remember the name) was incredibly refreshing! However, both were abit too sweet. The waffles were really crispy yet soft and fluffy within, really the kind of waffles I was looking for!