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FATCAT Ice Cream Bar

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FATCAT Ice Cream :: Made from Scratch Extracting flavours from natural ingredients using modern techniques. Be surprised by how far natural flavours go!

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Standard single scoop [~$3.90]
A little disappointed with the standard of the ice cream considering how the milky taste overwhelm the taste of the espresso. Pistachio is considered a premium scoop so it’s priced at $4.50 a scoop. Charcoal waffle [~$6] is something that hasn’t change and still has that awesome salted caramel sauce and lavender. Do note that they charge 10% service charge over here.

Premium scoop $4.50
Brown butter waffle $5.00 with salted caramel sauce and dried lavender leaves on the side

Ice cream wasn’t too sweet and was creamy! Freshly made from scratch. they do have interesting flavours but not as unique as Tom’s palette perhaps! Waffles are nice and crispy though we had better ones from Creamology in Jurong!

And they do charge an additional 10% service charge! A little expensive for a neighbourhood ice cream joint!

Was adventurous enough to try the butter beer ice cream (signature flavour) but not that gutsy enough to add on a serving of salted egg yolk dip (comes at additional cost btw). Looking back, I should’ve just gone for it since I’ve travelled al the way from west to east just to try out their ice cream waffles! Butter beer ice cream was extremely creamy. Tho alcoholic, it doesn’t leave you with a nasty beer breath. Waffles lived up to expectations- crisp on the exterior while fluffy on the inside. As with all charcoal waffles, there’s no significant taste to the “charcoal”

My dining partner and I literally inhaled thus $15 dessert haha. It was that GOOD.

That crispy, thick, fluffy made-to-order waffle with that hint of savoriness from the brown butter and a mild flowery aftertaste from a sprinkle of dried lavender. The kicker is really the salted caramel sauce drizzle, which really elevated the flavor of both waffle and ice cream, gave it complexity and body.

As for the ice cream, it was really good as well. The shoyu caramel just tasted like...salted caramel and I was rather grateful for that as to taste the soybean-based shoyu in your ice cream would have been...strange. But still really delicious and rich and creamy. The chocolate ice cream was good too, with a strong but perfectly balanced chocolate flavor, not too bitter and not too sweet.

Fatcat is really everything its hyped up to be. A tiny, cosy cafe in the heartlands of Bedok serving creative desserts made with love and care.


You can now order and have them deliver to your house for any cravings or events. Surprise your guests with FatCat Ice Cream 😏 $4.50 for one.
$40.50 for a box of 9 flavours!
Free delivery with every 3 boxes.

Charcoal waffles was really crispy and light, tasted more like biscuits than a waffles as there was no chewy interior and everything was just crispy but it was a nice variation of the usual waffle and definitely a cut above the rest, although you might not enjoy it if you prefer chewy waffles.

ice cream was incredibly creamy but flavours lacked innovation. price is the usual market rate. ambience of the cafe was really nice but it was a little too cramped
food: 8/10