FATCAT Ice Cream :: Made from Scratch Extracting flavours from natural ingredients using modern techniques. Be surprised by how far natural flavours go!

416 Bedok North Avenue 2
Singapore 460416


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$4.50 for one Mojito jelly. Put the whole thing in your mouth and burst it.

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Never tried these before since they are usually $4.50 each but April's one for one offer makes it temporarily affordable! Could be more chilled but the explosion of lime juice in the mouth was lovely and refreshing on a hot humid day.
🚗 : Hdb parking available behind block 416.

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Tried charcoal waffle with thai milktea icecream and butterbeer icecream ($16). The waffle is very crunchy but wish it is a bit chewy inside. The ice cream flavours are quite unique and distinctive. Good to have a dessert here after dinner (but better come early!)

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This tasted just like a kinder joy smashed into a tart full of goodness with the warm caramel chocolate sauce melting the chocolate disc, revealing that triple layer of chocolate, hazelnut ice cream and praline. 😍 And it's at a very affordable $10! 🤤


This is also my favorite affogato of all time from @fatcatsg - that 70% valhorna chocolate with that rich espresso goodness plus a scoop of ice cream of your choice. I never had an affogato so satisfying. 🤤
Nice meeting @nathanielneo (check his account out cause pictures damn nice) and of course, the super talented @feimaocharles

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$16. $4.50 for each scoop of ice cream, $6 for charcoal waffle, and $1 for salted egg yolk sauce (not in photo).

I didn’t know there will be salted caramel sauce to line the plate, so the salted egg yolk sauce feels too “extra” to be part of this dessert.

Charcoal waffle is way, way too crunchy.

Butter beer ice cream is good, love the light butter taste to it.

Smoked chocolate tasted like an average chocolate scoop, almost couldn’t feel the “smokiness”

Overall, it’s priced on the expensive range

$4.50 for one, $8 for a pair. It’s a shot of mojito inside a thin membrane using molecular gastronomy. Haha, search that up, some new food tech.

I’d rather order a glass of mojito, because it’s really nice and I want more than one mouth, than drinking from this membrane.

It doesn’t have that bursting effect like the Japanese fish roes.


When my tummy rumbles, my heart goes be-dok be-dok for FatCat's alluring ice cream globes and unfailing original brown butter waffle.


finally here to try their waffles and ice cream! ordered the charcoal waffle which was crisp and fluffy on the inside, drizzled with salted caramel sauce and lavender bits. the pistachio ice cream was very creamy and the sorbet was really smooth. will be back to try their other flavours! 😋

The waffle was not too heavy, slightly crunchy and juicy. I liked it paired with the chocolate fudge drizzle but not so much the salted caramel (too salty for me which was strange as the salted egg yolk sauce tasted fine). Raspberry cheesecake sorbet was a great choice. ~$11+ for this.

Ordered the gourmet waffle and toppings which total bill came up to be ~ $12. Charcoal waffles were light, plain and a bit dry .. it definitely tasted better with the salted egg drizzle (excellent) & sorbet than on its own. Finished 3/4 of it before passing it on to a Friend.

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How about cherry beer with caramelised butter foam [$14]

Needto unwind and relax before another hectic week.

TGIF everyone!

Egg Shooter [$9 for 3 pieces]
Made with chocolate, stout and strawberry.
They are available today! So go visit @fatcatsg and get your Christmas treats.
I'll be free after these exams this week.


This is an inherent, but somewhat unique combination! I would’ve never thought about adding a salty component to matcha, but come to think of it, matcha embodies an umami, oceanic, seaweed-like flavour, which means it’s no stranger to the salinity of the ocean.

The charcoal cone deserves a mention as well, solely for having this marked taste that reminds me of a bowl of the brown soup they normally serve in Thai restaurants. It sounds strange in principle, but it is spiced and has an oriental flavour to it which makes it pretty appetising! (7.7/10)


Always never fail to amaze me with your creation! Coming to you on 1st December 😏

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