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1-for-1 After Work Eat-inerary with Burpple Beyond

Ever found yourself wondering where else you could go after dinner? Here are some 2-stop eat-ineraries for moments just like that. Make use of Burpple Beyond twice in a night — after a feast of mussels, take a stroll for cake and tea, or go from hearty udon to a chocolate tasting platter. Don’t let a good night end at dinner!

Duxton Hill

Part 1:BTM Mussels & Bar: 1-for-1 500g Mussels & Fries (save~$36)
 > Part 2: Nesuto: 1-for-1 Cake & Drink (save~$14)

collage 1Photos by Burppler Victoria Hii and Burppler Cassie Ong  | *Deal Expiry Date: 30 Jun 2020

For a Fun Dinner Date 
Get your hands dirty and bellies filled at this spot on Duxton Hill. You're here for the small but incredibly sweet French Bouchot Mussels ($36 for 500 grams). Have them done Marinieres-style, a classic combo of white wine, butter, parsley and onion. Alternatively, go spicy with the Thailandaises with chilli, Kaffir lime, lemongrass, white wine and coconut milk. After this hearty meal, pop over to this quaint cafe on Tras Street for a sweet end to the evening. Share the elegant Suzette ($9.80) — chocolate, orange caramel and liquored mousse on a tart base — and the Miss Ispahan ($9) that boasts a lovely flavour combination of rose, raspberries and lychee. Wash it down with Earl Grey Blue Flower ($7) tea.

Plaza Singapura

Part 1: Tamoya Udon (Plaza Singapura): 1-for-1 Main & Drink (save~$12)
 > Part 2: Acai Beach Club: 1-for-1 Haiwaiian Bowl (save~$11.90)

collage 2Photo by Burppler Victoria_ EatTravelRelaxn and Burppler Ade Tan  | *Deal Expiry Date: 30 Sep 2020, 31 Dec 2020

For Casual Catch Ups in Town
Gather the girls for a light dinner at this no-frills udon joint in Plaza Singapura. Go for the no-brainer Beef Sukiyaki Udon ($12.80) served with cabbage, carrots, mushrooms and a soft-boiled egg. Then, follow Burppler Ade Tan’s lead and head over to Acai Beach Club for a “yummy healthy option for a post-dinner treat”. Get the Hawaiian Bowl ($11.90) that’s packed to the brim with banana, strawberries, blueberries, passionfruit, walnuts, granola, almond flakes, pumpkin seed, flaxseed and honey!

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Part 1: Thai-licious Boat Noodles: 1-for-1 Main & Appetizer/ Side & Drink (save~$21.50)
 > Part 2: Steeped Tea Bar : 1-for-1 Beverage (save~$6.30)

collage 3Photo by Burppler Sher Ong and Burppler Jonathan Lim | *Deal Expiry Date: 30 Sep 2020, 31 Mar 2021

For a Quick Meal in Bugis 
Satisfy your Thai food cravings without breaking the bank at this casual eatery on Liang Seah Street. First up — a satisfying, spicy Thai dinner feast. Think Mixed Beef and Pork Boat Noodles ($8), Pad Thai with Omelette ($8) and Basil Minced Pork ($10). Then, cool off with refreshing iced fruit teas at Tan Quee Lan Street. After, swing by Tan Quee Lan Street for refreshing iced fruit tea that is freshly "pulled" using an espresso machine. Have the crowd-pleasing Grape Oolong Tea ($6.60) or the complex Grapefruit Genmaicha ($5.80) that's pleasingly bitter and very fragrant. Alternatively, follow Burppler Dex Neo's lead and opt for the Pear High Mountain Oolong ($6.30) that's sweet and fruity.

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King Albert Park

Part 1: LINO: 1-for-1 Pizza (save~$25)  
> Part 2: Camaca: 1-for-1 Gelato & Espresso Classic/ Tea (save~$17.80)

collage 4Photo by Burppler Victoria Hii and Burppler Yanzhi Poon | *Deal Expiry Date: 31 Mar 2021

For Family Outings
This contemporary Italian restaurant in Binjai Park is an ideal spot for dinner with your loved ones. Share some pizzas — the Burrata ($26) with pesto is delightful, as are the hearty Mixed Mushroom ($26) or BBQ Chicken ($26) pizzas. After dinner, take a stroll across to King Albert Park for some sugar-free gelatos at Camaca. Adults will love the signature Musang King Durian ($9.80) and the refreshing Mango Peach Sorbet ($4.80) and the while the kids will enjoy the flavourful Genmaicha ($5.80) or Roasted Oolong ($5.80). 


Part 1: The Glass Onion Bistro and Bar: 1-for-1 Main Dish (save~$15)  
> Part 2: Merely Ice Cream (Sunshine Plaza): 1-for-1 Double Scoop (save~$6)

collage 5Photo by Burppler Ade Tan and Burppler halfeaten (Ella)  | *Deal Expiry Date: 30 Jun 2020

For a Casual Dinner Date
Perfect for an after-work tipple or two is this bistro-bar housed in Hotel Mi that boasts a great ambience. Fill up on the Zesty Crab Pasta ($17.90) — springy angel hair tossed with fresh shredded crab and finished with lime juice and chilli padi. On sharing plates, Burppler Jason Wong recommends the Ikayaki ($13) that sees tender squid perfectly grilled to a smoky char. The lightly battered Glass Onion Rings ($10) are totally addictive. Afterwards, treat your date to a Double Scoop ($6) at Merely Ice Cream. Choose the well-balanced Salted Butterscotch, decadent Red Velvet or earthy Earl Grey. For extra yum, have your ice cream in a crispy waffle cone for an extra $0.90!

Part 1: EVENTASTY Noodle Bar: 1-for-1 Main Dish (save~$14.90)
> Part 2:The Dark Gallery (Funan): 1-for-1 Chocolate Tasting Platters (save~$14) 

collage 6Photo by Burppler Karolyn Chua and Burppler Wee Jinwen | *Deal Expiry Date: 30 Jun 2020

For Treat-Yourself Dinners
Put this noodle joint in Funan Mall on your to-go list for hand-pulled la mian. Great choices include the Pumpkin Seafood Noodles ($16) for fresh scallop, prawn and sotong swimming in a creamy broth, as well as the clear Braised Wagyu Beef Noodle ($13.90) with tender beef slices. Take note that the la mian is on the softer side, so request for it to be less cooked if you prefer your noodz chewy. For dessert, head over to The Dark Gallery and treat yourselves to their Chocolate Ice-cream Tasting Platter ($14). Each platter comes with three scoops of 70% cocoa chocolate ice-cream, made with cacao beans from the Dominican Republic, Cuba and Costa Rica — perfect for chocolate enthusiasts!

BONUS 2-stop Dining Ideas 

Enjoy a 1-for-1 Burpple Beyond meal, then keep the night going at another non-Beyond place we recommend!

Keong Saik
Lombardo’s: 1-for-1 Main Dish (save~$21)
aw_lombardoPhoto by Burppler Cindy Q | *Deal Expiry Date: 31 Dec 2020

For Stellar Burgers
Start your night at Amsterdam's famous burger joint on Duxton Hill. Fill up on the Dutch Cheese Burger ($22.50) with red wine onions, tomato and gherkins, or the unique Lamb Burger ($21) smothered in a tangy sauce. 
> *Bonus stop: No Sleep Club
Stroll to Keong Saik Road for desserts and cocktails. The Burnt Cheesecake ($18) served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream is absolutely delicious. Be sure to call in advance to ensure they save a slice for you — these babies sell out fast! Spend the rest of the night sipping on creative cocktails like the Hay & Apples ($20), where peated whisky and fermented apples come together, or the tangy Bloody Mary ($20) spiked with wasabi distillate. 

El Cubanos: 1-for-1 Cubano & Soda Set (save~$18) 
aw_elcubanoPhoto by Burppler halfeaten (Ella) | *Deal Expiry Date: 30 Jun 2020

For Easy, Tasty Halal Sandwiches
Pen this Halal-friendly joint down for a hearty, fuss-free toasted Cuban-style sandwiches. Share the juicy Signature Pulled Beef Cubanos ($8.80) and the smoky, tender Grilled Chicken Cubanos ($8.50) with your buddy. Each sandwich comes with a generous side of chubby chips topped with cheese and chilli beef con carne. 
> *Bonus stop: Rochor Original Beancurd (Short Street)
Keep the night going at this famed mom-and-pop store down the street and tuck into simple yet satisfying Soya Bean Milk ($1.20) or Soya Beancurd ($1.20) with You Tiao ($1).

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