1-for-1 Chinese Dishes with Burpple Beyond

Chow down on Chinese meals that are all that...and dim sum.

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From dim sum in Jalan Besar to grilled fish on Mosque Street and Xinjiang skewers at City Hall, here are 7 Chinese spots where you can sek-fan with #BurppleBeyond!

Burpple Beyond members save ~$920/year while enjoying at over 450 restaurants.

Dim Sum Haus: 1-for-1 Steamed/ Congee/ Dessert/ Pan Fried/ Deep Fried (save~$6.20) 

For Lunch with Mom

chinese_dimsumhausPhoto by Burppler Melissa Chee

*Deal Expiry Date: 31 Dec 2019

Located on the edge of Little India is this no-frills restaurant serving up dishes great for sharing. Have their Baked Salted Egg Custard Bun ($5 for 3 pieces), where a crispy crust breaks apart to unleash a river of smooth salted egg custard. Also order the Crispy Mee Sua Kueh with Chinese Sausage ($3.60) for a springy mixture of noodles, mushrooms and sausage sealed in a crispy exterior, or the Pan Fried Carrot Cake with Chinese Sausage ($3.85). Fill up on the Crispy Chee Cheong Fun ($4.70) or tasty Fish Porridge ($6.10).

EVENTASTY Hand-Pulled Noodles: 1-for-1 Main Dish (save~$14.90) 

For Halal Comfort Food in City Hall

chinese_eventasty Photo by Burppler Chub Chum

*Deal Expiry Date: 30 Jun 2020

Housed in Funan is a tiny Halal noodle house that’s great for quick lunches with your colleagues. Choose the thickness of your hand-pulled noodles noodles: thin, medium, thick, small flat or flat. Choose their Signature Tomato Soup Base and try the super tender Braised Wagyu Beef Noodle ($15.90) or the more affordable but equally tasty Braised Beef Shank Noodle ($8.90).

Fragrance Wok Tze Char by Penang Bagus: 1-for-1 Rice/Noodle Dishes (before 5pm)/ Chicken/ Pork/ Vegetables/ Egg Dishes (save~$18.50) 

For  Zi Char in the East

chinese_fragrance Photo by Burppler Shirley Ting

*Deal Expiry Date: 30 Sep 2020

Easties, round up the fam for a hearty dinner at this restaurant in Tampines. Be sure to get all your uncles, aunties and cousins on board as well because these #BurppleBeyond deals are for large size dishes! Order their silky smooth Trio Egg Spinach Claypot ($18), Sambal Sweet Potato Leaves ($15) and the delectable Mongolian Pork Ribs ($20) that are best enjoyed with a bowl of white rice.

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Chong Qing Grilled Fish (Liang Seah/ Mosque Street): 1-for-1 Lunch Buffet / Dinner Buffet (save~$37.90) 

For Scrumptious Grilled Fish Buffet

chinese_chongqing Photo by Burppler Weihui Acids

*Deal Expiry Date: 31 Dec 2019

Open till 1:30am, this is a great choice after a round of drinks for supper with the mates. Order their Dinner Buffet ($37.90) and get the massive Grilled Fish to share ($32). Add on sharing plates like the Salted Egg Calamari with Thai Herbs ($14) and fragrant Fried Rice with Diced Prawns ($10). Otherwise, you could also swing by at lunch. The Lunch Buffet ($29.90) deal allows you to order anything from their lunch menu, including the scrumptious Mala Grilled Dish Xiang La that pairs with white rice (medium level of spiciness recommended). 

Alati Skewers: 1-for-1 3 Skewers/ 6 Skewers (save~$10.50) 

For Authentic, Juicy Xinjiang-style Skewers

chinese_alati Photo by Burppler Maureen Ow

*Deal Expiry Date: 31 Mar 2020

Swing by this skewer joint in Novena for delicious snacks that you can have on the go or on the spot. What sets these skewers apart is just how moist and tender they are! Try their Lamb Skewers ($5.40 for 3) or Chicken Skewers ($5.40 for 3) flavoured with cumin and chilli powder. Wash it all down with an icy cup of Tiger Milk Tea ($2.80).

Ming Tang Spicy Roast Fish: 1-for-1 Grilled Fish (Lunch)/ Crab Dish (save~$48) 

For Flavourful Lunches in Bugis

chinese_mingtang Photo by Burppler Peter Wong

*Deal Expiry Date: 31 Mar 2020

Find this restaurant in Bugis Cube that’s great for lunch with colleagues. Order their appetizing Spicy and Sour Grilled Fish ($34) that is sees a lightly fried fish bathed in a balanced, flavourful base. It also includes sides like potato, beancurd, lotus root and vermicelli. For something a little less intense, opt for the non-spicy Mushroom Grilled Fish ($34). 

Jiak Modern Tzechar (Esplanade Mall): 1-for-1 Meat/ Greens/ Carbs/ Beancurd/ Egg (save~$20) 

For Value for Money Halal Zi Char

chinese_jiak Photo by Burppler Khaw Han Chung

*Deal Expiry Date: 31 Mar 2020

Note this modern and spacious restaurant in Esplanade Mall for future dinners with friends or family. For carbs, get their generous Chicken Fried Rice (from $5). Meat-wise, opt for the addictive Claypot Golden Chicken (from $12) bathed in an appetizing sweet and sour sauce. Otherwise, go for the foolproof Curry Fish Head ($20 for 2 pax), the consistently good Sambal Kangkong (from $8) or their Lala in Superior Broth (from $12). 

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