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1-for-1 Deals at Hotpot Places with Burpple Beyond

Gather the gang round these pots, ‘cause things are about to get hot and steamy.

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From steamboat suppers in Rochor to hotpot with a view in One Raffles Place, here are 8 spots with amazing hotpot deals to enjoy with #BurppleBeyond!

Burpple Beyond members save ~$920/year while enjoying at over 450 restaurants.

City Hot Pot Shabu Shabu: 1-for-1 Wagyu Ribeye Set/ Wagyu Beef/ Pork Collar (save~$49.99)

For Hotpot With a View

hotpot_citypot  Photo by Burppler Jolynn Chan

*Deal Expiry Date: 30 Sep 2019

Come with your family for dinner on the fourth floor of One Raffles Place. It is the perfect backdrop for a special occasion, with tall glass windows, an open concept kitchen and great service. Go for their Wagyu Ribeye Set ($49.99) for premium Australian beef or the fresh and extra juicy Pork Collar ($8.99). Each set comes with a vegetable basket filled with corn and leafy greens that you can cook in your soup base of choice. There are 12 flavours available, such as the classic chicken soup, Sichuan spicy, Thai tom yum and tomato. There are also more unique flavours like Korean kimchi soup or the recommended fish soup (+S$1), bak kut teh (+S$2) and a very flavourful prawn (+$3) option.

iSteamboat: 1-for-1 Pagoda Set/ Seafood in the Bag/ Mini Hotpot (save~$57.40)

For Hotpot Feast in City Hall

hotpot_isteamboat Photo by Burppler Yu Wen Siah

*Deal Expiry Date: 30 Jun 2020

Swing by this restaurant in Marina Square with your colleagues for a sumptuous hotpot feast. Opt for their Pagoda Set ($57.40) where a 4-tiered pot allows you to steam, grill and boil your food all at once! There is also a level for cheese or salted egg yolk dip. Seafood lovers, you will adore the Seafood in the Bag ($56.40) which includes fresh scallops, crayfish, prawns, squid, la la, mussels and fish fillet. For smaller groups of two, go for the Mini Hotpot Set ($10.40) instead — chicken, beef, pork, seafood and vegetarian options available!

Hotpot Heroes: 1-for-1 Meat Dish/ Handmade Dish/ Seafood Dish/ Cooked Food (save~$25) 

For A Beautifully Presented Hotpot Affair

hotpot_heroes Photo by Burppler Cecil Dulam

*Deal Expiry Date: 30 Sep 2020

Easties, look out for this hotpot spot situated on Tanjong Katong Road that’s great for family dinners. For soup-bases ($22 for a 3-Broth Pot), try the tasty Sichuan Mala (medium level is great for spice heads!), the fragrant Wild Mushroom that Burppler Veronica Phua described as strong and earthy in flavour) and the sweet, appetizing Tomato. Go for the US Black Angus Short Ribs ($22), Sliced Pork Belly ($8), The Gold Pomfret ($22), Asari Short Neck Clams ($8) as well as the Ebiko & Prawn Paste ($15) handmade meatballs.

Guo Fu Steamboat: 1-for-1 Burpple Lunch Set/ Xiao Long Bao (save~$34.90) 

For Value-for-Money Hotpot in Chinatown

hotpot_guofu Photo by Burppler Alicia Kho

*Deal Expiry Date: 30 Jun 2020

Drop by Cross Street for a hearty lunch with your pal! Go for their Burpple Lunch Set ($34.90) — choose between the Beyond Meatlovers Set or the Beyond Seafood Set. The Meatlovers set stars four types of meat while the Seafood Set sees large prawns, fresh fish slices, mussels in a soup base of your choice (+$3). Options include herbal, mild spicy, spicy, kim chi or vegetarian.

Tong Xin Ru Yi Traditional Hotpot: 1-for-1 Pork Dish/ Chicken or Duck Dish/ Vegetable Dish/ Soyabean products (save~$13.33) 

For Nourishing, Unique Soup Bases

hotpot_tongxin Photo by Burppler Julius Lim

*Deal Expiry Date: 31 Mar 2020

Make a mental note of this hotpot joint that’s just a short stroll from Clarke Quay MRT. They have unique soup bases like the Stewed Marinated Beef with Spicy Soup ($48) or the flavourful Golden Frog Soup Pot ($68). Also good is the Golden Chicken Soup ($56) — think tender chicken chunks, black fungus, yam, konjac, pineapple chunks, sliced cucumber, brown shimeiji mushrooms and pumpkins in a thick chicken broth. Complete your hotpot with the Black-bone Chicken Slice ($20), Gracilaria ($6) as well as sliced Vince Tofu ($8).  

Onepot: 1-for-1 Buffet (save~$30) 

For A No-frills, Affordable Steamboat Buffet 

hotpot_onepotPhoto by Burppler Emily S

*Deal Expiry Date: 31 Dec 2019

Open till 2am, this place is great for steamboat suppers! Their Steamboat Buffet ($30) requires you to choose three soup bases (one large and two small) — Burppler Emily S enjoyed the chicken, laksa and herbal broths. There’s also a large spread of fresh meat and seafood to choose from. We say go for their beef and mutton slices, the cheese-filled fish cake, scallops and bamboo clams!

XiangCao Yunnan Original Ecology Hotpot: 1-for-1 Mains(save~$18) 

For All Things Mushroom

hotpot_xiangcaoyunnan Photo by Burppler Wei Zhi Chiang

*Deal Expiry Date: 30 Jun 2020

Situated in Bugis, this smart-casual hotpot restaurant is ideal for long lunches with your girlfriends.The Mushroom Platter ($25) that includes Morchella, Wild Porcini, Tricholoma Matsutake, Termite Mushroom and Dictyophora Indusiata is great for pairing with the mushroom soup base. There are also premium meats such Wagyu Beef (from $18) and Black Pork (from $18) available here.

Hai Xian Lao (Wilkie Edge): 1-for-1 Main Dish/ Lunch Set (save~$15.80) 

For Late Night Steamboat Cravings in Rochor

hotpot_haixianlao Photo by Burppler Mr Digester 😋

*Deal Expiry Date: 30 Jun 2020

Open till 5am, look to this steamboat restaurant for a meaty late night feast with the gang. Opt for the tender Pork Collar ($16.80), the flavourful US Wagyu Beef Striploin ($24.80) as well as the unbelievably juicy and fatty Japan Berkshire Kurobuta Belly ($14.89).

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