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6 Burpplers Share Their Favourite Comfort Foods

Feeling a little down? Burpplers tell us about their favourite comfort dish, from Peperoni's half and half pizzas to Thai green curry.

Burppler Alvin Wang

Comfort Food: Chicken hearts & Mega Highballs from Yatagarasu Yakitori

"I order almost everything from the chicken menu because it makes me happy and drunk fast, and I can talk loudly and be rowdy with my friends."

Photo by Burppler Daniel T

Burppler Amanda Quek

Comfort Food: Fish Green Curry from Jai Thai (Clover Way)

"It's because it's very near my place, and in one dish I can get a wholesome hearty meal of fish, vegetable, and green curry. It makes me feel good, and cheers me up."

Photo by Burppler Thiam Peng Tan

Burppler Siming T

Comfort Food: Pizza from Domino's Pizza and Peperoni Pizzeria

"If I feel like having something cream-based, I will pick "Classified Chicken" with “Crunchy Thin Crust” from Domino’s Pizza. Most of the time they come really crispy, like having flaky crackers topped with chicken, mushroom, onions and mozzarella cheese and their special Top Secret Sauce. It’s satisfying without leaving me worried about taking in too much crust from traditional pizza."

But for good crust was something I would look for, the first place I would think of is Peperoni Pizzeria. Usually, I will go for a Half-and-Half, putting together Hawaiian and Carne. Their pizzas are made with fresh dough and perfectly baked in a wood-fired pizza oven, and the combination is designed for meat lovers with all the ham, bacon, meatballs and pepperoni coming through."

Photo by Burppler Jenna Ding

Burppler Wei Zhi Chiang

Comfort Food: Ma La Xiang Guo from Green On Earth

"My fav mala is the mlxg from Green on Earth, a vegetarian spot. Why mala? Cause I love how it comes in lots of different variations (mlxg, mala tang, mala steamboat etc.) and how customizable it is - from choice of ingredients to level of spice, depending on the mood that day! I'm a huge fan of spice so the fiery bowl is always comforting🔥".

Photo by Burppler Wei Zhi Chiang

Burppler Joel Hoe

Comfort Food: King of God Ramen by Buta God at Ramen Champion (Bugis+)

"Ramen is my comfort food because it is something so soothing and satisfying while eating a steaming bowl of umami-rich broth with QQ noodles, melt-in-your-mouth pork slices and a gooey onsen egg."

Photo by Burppler Whatisdigesting 😋

Burppler Eunice Sng

Comfort Food: Dry Prawn Mee from Da Shi Jia

"It just reminds me of my grandma's cooking but... elevated! It's so hearty and flavourful and essentially just bomb dot com. Get some ngoh hiang on the side for extra ooomphf!"

Photo by Burppler Audrey T

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