6 Stellar Thai Restaurants In Singapore

Aromatic, spice-laden, and most of all, mouth-watering. These are just some adjectives to describe Thai food!

Lucky for us, there certainly is no shortage of Thai food in Singapore. But which restaurants are actually stellar? Here are some recommendations!

Kra Pow Thai Street Food

For Delicious Basil-Centric Dishes
Krapow used to be a hidden gem at Far East Plaza but they’ve since gained popularity as diners quickly caught wind of just how amazing their authentic Thai dishes are. A popular pick is most definitely the Krapow Minced Pork ($9.60) that’s wok-fried with hot basil, garlic, and freshly chopped green chilli. This is served with steamed jasmine rice and a sunny-side-up—don’t forget to break this over the pork to fully enjoy the dish!

Blue Jasmine

For Refreshing Thai Salads
Savour all your Thai favourites at Blue Jasmine! Their curated menu features a wide selection of dishes inspired by Thailand’s bustling street food culture. This includes refreshing Thai salads such as the Green Mango Salad with Anchovy ($16) that’s essentially shredded green mango mixed with red chilli padi, crispy anchovy, red onion, and grounded peanut. Otherwise known as ‘Som Tam Mamuang,’ you can expect a burst of tropical flavour from this appetiser—perfect to start off your meal with, in our opinion.

Tamarind Hill

For Tasty Thai Fish Cakes
Set within a historic colonial bungalow and perched atop the forested Labrador Nature Reserve is Tamarind Hill, a Thai restaurant which offers a gastronomic escape away from the hustle and bustle of the city. With a kitchen helmed by a team of Thai chefs who have each contributed heirloom recipes to bring together an extensive repertoire of traditional and modern Thai dishes, you’re guaranteed to be in good hands. Their super tasty Deep-Fried Fish Cake ($10) or ‘Thod Man Pha’ is a classic dish you can’t go wrong with!

Nakhon Kitchen

For A Super Creamy Tom Yam Broth
Nakhon Kitchen aims to make delicious and authentic Thai food affordable and easily accessible for everyone! The inspiration behind their dishes comes from both the exotic flavours of Northeastern Thailand’s Issan cuisine and Bangkok’s street food cooking. You’ll find that this is apparent in their rendition of the classic seafood Tom Yam soup which brings together different flavours; be it, sour, salty, or spicy. Laden with prawns, mussels, and calamari, this briny broth is great for sharing amongst family and friends.

Took Lae Dee

For Authentic Thai Staples
With ingredients flown in from Thailand wherever possible, Took Lae Dee tries their best to keep the flavours of their dishes as authentic as possible! If you’re feeling adventurous and would like to try some Thai dishes that you might not have sampled before, opt for their 'Kaeng Som,' a sour Thai curry or their 'Kai Yat Sai' which is basically a Thai stuffed omelette.

Sawadee Thai Cuisine

For A Satisfying Mango Sticky Rice
It wouldn’t be a Thai food round-up if we left one of the most iconic desserts out of the list. Yes, we’re talking about mango sticky rice. Sawadee’s version of this sweet treat will transport you straight to Thailand! Their Mango Sticky Rice ($10) comes with butterfly pea flower glutinous rice and a side of luscious coconut cream. If you so choose, you can even opt for the Mao Shan Wang Durian Sticky Rice ($15) that’s loaded with premium durian and topped with sesame seeds!