8 Decadent Chocolate Treats In Singapore

Here's one for all you chocoholics out there!

From indulgent chocolate cakes and homemade eclairs to specialty brownies and chewy cookies, here's a list your sweet tooth will thank you for. These artisanal chocolate treats from all over Singapore will get you that much-needed chocolate fix for sure!

Chocolate Origin

For Everything Chocolate 
Chocolate Origin carries anything and everything chocolate! If you're after a whole cake for a special occasion, go for the Original ($39.80 for regular, good for 6-8 pax), a subtly sweet, chocolatey cake with a lusciously rich chocolate ganache that everyone is sure to love. For something richer and more bittersweet, opt for the aptly named Dark ($42.80 for regular, good for 6-8 pax) which features two thin layers of sponge cake with a dark chocolate ganache sandwiched in between.

Want a treat that's more bite-sized? Get the Dark Chocolate Gelato Pint ($12.50) made from premium fresh milk and a huge portion of rich Belgian Chocolate! Whichever you pick, their chocolate desserts are pretty much foolproof and sure to be a hit with whoever you're buying for—a small dose of their dense chocolate is enough to satisfy.


For Gourmet Chocolate Gelato 
Pop by this gourmet chocolate store at Orchard Paragon if you're on the hunt for luxurious chocolate that's both dense and creamy! Some of their best-sellers include the Assorted Dark Chocolates Petrol Blue Box ($75 for 300g), Cubotto Chocoviar 75% Bulk 100g ($23), and the Extra Dark Giandujotto Bulk 100g ($23). They also serve pralines, chocolate spreads, hot chocolate, and gelatos (prices vary) which are made from fresh milk, fruit, Piedmont hazelnuts, and of course, their exquisite chocolate!

The Whisking Well

For Decadent Chocolate Brownies
Looking for rich and sinful chocolate brownies that ooze with every bite? Look no further because The Whisking Well is the place to be for freshly baked treats made from scratch. With everything from chocolate scones and brownies to cookies and burnt cheesecakes on the menu, you will definitely be spoilt for choice!

Some of their best-selling brownie flavours include the Belgian Dark Chocolate Brownie ($4.80), the Black Cocoa ($5.20), and the Speculoos ($5.50). If you can't seem to settle for just one, go for the Mixed Brownie Box ($31 for 6pcs) that features a mash-up of their signature flavours.

Läderach Chocolatier Suisse

For Artisanal Swiss Chocolate
Located in Jewel Changi Airport, this luxury Swiss chocolatier is known for their artisanal chocolates that are specially handcrafted in Switzerland. Chocolate connoisseurs should most definitely try out Läderach’s most popular product, The FrischSchoggi™ Gift Pack ($52.50 for 250g) which is perfect as a gift or simply for personal enjoyment. Other top picks are the FrischSchoggi™ Loose ($19.90) and the Limited Edition Lemon Yoghurt ($19.90).

Nasty Cookie

For The Best Chocolate Cookies in Town
Dubbed as Singapore's first NY gourmet cookie store, Nasty Cookie initially started off as a home-based bakery in 2018 before hitting the retail scene in 2019; now their cookies can easily be bought off the counter. Their crowd favourite flavours are none other than the Biscoff ($5), the B.O.B. (Biscoff Oreo Brownie) ($5.50), and the Oh! Smores ($5.50). Don't forget to try out their latest offering the Choconutter ($5.50) as well. Unsure of what flavours to get? A Box of 6 ($30) should do the trick!

The Dark Gallery

For Chocolate Ice Cream & S'mores
With a focus on premium single origin dark chocolate, The Dark Gallery at Millenia Walk specialises in artisanal ice cream and decadent chocolate desserts. Most patrons fancy ordering their plated desserts; these include the Ice Cream Waffle ($16 for 2 scoops of your choice) and the Chocolate Rhapsody ($19) that comes with their signature dark, milk and white chocolate ice cream on a bed of chocolate soil, baked meringue, tuile and mousse. Let's not forget their signature Frozen S'mores ($9) that sees torched marshmallows on top of their 80% dark chocolate ice cream and graham tart shell.

Lemuel Chocolate

For Handmade Chocolate Tarts
Indulge in exquisite tarts and unique, handcrafted chocolates at this classy chocolate joint in The Star Vista. Lemuel's chocolates are made with only two ingredients—specially selected cocoa beans and organic cane sugar—and that's really all they need.

If you're looking to order a massive chocolate tart in place of the usual cake, go for their Signature Single Origin Chocolate Tart ($65, good for 5-8 pax) that consists of Cacao Nibs, Salted Cocoa Crumble, 70% Thai Dark Chocolate Ganache, Brown Butter Pecan Praline, and 54% Milk Chocolate Mousse coated in Dark Cocoa Mirror Glaze. Alternatively, their Assorted Bonbon Box of 4 ($13) or Box of 6 ($20) also makes for the perfect chocolate-y afternoon treat.

Patisserie G

For Quality Chocolate Pastries
This minimalistic cafe prides themselves in using time-tested Fresh artisanal techniques where their pastries are concerned. If you're craving a quick chocolate fix, their Chocolate Eclair ($9) that comes with chocolate choux, chocolate pastry cream, and a chocolate glaze, is your best bet!

While you're at it, why not indulge in the G-Spot ($10.50) as well? This chocolate dome whole cake with Dark Chocolate Mousse, Chocolate Meringue, and Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Praline Feuilletine will probably put you in a good mood for the rest of the day. Other quality pastries include the Chocolate Nebula ($9), Chocolate Trophee ($10.50), Milo Blackforest Cake ($68), and Chocolate Macarons ($3), just to name a few.