8 'Ulu' Cafes & Restaurants Worth Travelling To In Singapore

Desperate to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city? If you’re dying for a quiet cafe or restaurant to recharge at or simply want to avoid the crowd, we’ve got you covered.

With cafes, in particular, being overpopulated these days, these hidden gems might be few and far between but they certainly do exist. Tucked away in the far-flung corners of Singapore, you might not even have known about these quaint places unless you’ve somehow stumbled upon them by chance or heard about them from a friend who lives in the area.

Well, if you’re bored of the overrated food haunts that are frequented by throngs of hipsters daily, and would like to try something new, here are some under-the-radar suggestions for you!

Pasta & Co

For Fresh Handmade Pasta
Italian restaurant Pasta & Co is a great place to get gourmet take-out when you’re in the neighbourhood! Their entire menu consisting of everything from appetisers and soups, to pastas, entrees and desserts are made fresh daily in the kitchen so you’re guaranteed the best quality meal. They’ve been going strong for over thirty–five years for good reason.

We’d recommend going for their freshly shaped, artisanal pastas that are infused with unique flavours such as roasted capsicum with smoked paprika and beetroot fusilli. If you’re after something more traditional, opt for their Beef Ragu ($34) that’s cooked in Veal Jus and Red Wine for an added depth of flavour. Cooked using the sous-vide method for a whole 16 hours, their beef is super tender and melt-in-your-mouth worthy.

First Grill

For A ‘Josper’ Charcoal Grilling Experience
Renowned for their ‘Josper’ charcoal grilling dining experience, First Grill which is located at 18 Pahang Street is sure to satisfy your burger and steak cravings. For the uninitiated, ‘Josper’ essentially utilises a hybrid grill and oven technology that brings out the charred smokiness of food that is cooked within the unit—this means that meats such as the Black Angus Striploin ($27) and Black Angus Ribeye ($29) can retain their juicy flavours and won’t come out too dry.

If you’re in the mood for a burger, sink your teeth into their succulent Chicken Supreme Burger ($14) which features tender chicken meat wedged in between two soft brioche buns with a side of crispy fries.

Knock Knock Cafe

For A Quintessential Brunch
Located near Kallang MRT station, Knock Knock Cafe is better known for its floral-themed interior and Asian Fusion pastas including the ‘Lup Cheong’ & Bacon Carbonara and the Umami ‘Laksa’ Seafood Pasta.

If you’re there simply for standard cafe fare, opt for either their sweet or savoury brunch items—for the former, get the warm and buttery Brioche French Toast that’s soaked in sweet vanilla custard, drizzled in maple syrup, and served with a side of tart berries and bananas, and for the latter, indulge in the Wakey Wakey, Eggs and Bakey, a quintessential breakfast classic.

Brew & Co

For Quality Coffee & Pastries
At Brew & Co coffee bar, quality coffee and delicious pastries are to be expected. Featuring fresh Arabica grade coffee beans from local roasters, their brews are guaranteed to provide you with that much-needed caffeine fix or midday pick-me-up! Pair their signature cuppas like the Iced Dirty Matcha ($7) with the Butter Croissant ($6) and you’re all set.

The Whisking Well

For Artisanal Bakes
Helmed by a young couple, Francesco and Jaz-ley, The Whisking Well is an artisanal bakery that’s here to present you with the sweetest of treats! Meticulously crafted from scratch, you can certainly tell that each of their bakes are made with the utmost care and love (not to mention, premium ingredients). Their Assorted Brownie Cookie Box ($23) which comes in either 2 Cookies and 2 Brownies or 3 of each, is most definitely one of their best-sellers!

Le Thai Mookata

For Affordable Mookata
Craving some scrumptious mookata? Le Thai Mookata is sure to satisfy your strong hankerings with their large variety of ingredients to choose from—think everything from meat and seafood to vegetables and homemade dipping sauces.

And would you believe it? The Twin Set for 2 pax ($24) is incredibly affordable! Head over to the Tai Seng area to get your fill of BBQ meat when you please.

Foursome Ice Cream & Waffle

For Ice Cream After-Hours
Residents of Upper Thompson are fortunate enough to have Foursome Ice Cream & Waffle in the vicinity. What’s more, they open until 1am so you’d be able to treat yourself to some dessert way past dinner time.

Choose from 14 ice cream flavours (single scoops at $3.80, double scoops at $6.60) including local favourites such as Gula Melaka and Mao Shan Wang or decadent classics like Sea Salt Caramel, Dark Chocolate, and Tiramisu. And, of course, you can also complement your ice cream with either the Bread ($0.80), Cone ($1), Waffle ($4.20) or Lava Cake ($6).


For Vietnamese Soul Food
Qwang might offer a fresh new take on the classic Vietnamese rice noodle salad dish but that doesn’t mean they’ve done away with the traditional flavours of the ‘bún thịt nướng.’ All they’ve done is added new dimensions to suit the healthier diet preferences of their patrons today; with that in mind, their rendition is a hearty mix of fresh greens, tasty proteins, and refreshing herbs drizzled over with their homemade sauce that’s both savoury and tangy all at once.

Indeed, the Qwang bowl might just be what you need for an invigorating meal! Their bowls come with different forms of protein: the Beef Bowl ($16.80), the Pork Bowl ($10.80), the Chicken Bowl ($9.80), and the Pork Belly Bowl ($10.80). There's also the Vegetarian Bowl ($9.80) for those who don't eat meat. None of these contain any MSG, oil, reduced salt or sugar so you can be sure that you’re eating clean.

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