Best Places To Eat In Puteri Harbor

Ever been to Puteri Harbour and can't find a place to eat? Check out this list to see what's hot around the area.

Since the pandemic began, Puteri Harbour has been dealt a bad hand when it comes to visitors, currently being labeled as a "ghost town" by locals, the area is not entirely devoid of life as you may think. With chic hotels and newly opened eateries, this is slowly becoming a great spot for a weekend staycation or just to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Hard Rock Cafe Puteri HarbourPhoto By Hard Rock Cafe

For Big American Burgers
This is one reason why you should be spending your weekends at Puteri Harbor, as the one and only Hard Rock café in the state is located here. Renowned for their rock and roll memorabilia which is the main motif of the café, this Hard Rock hosts regular live band performances as well. But of course the main attraction would be their American-styled diner food, and we would most definitely recommend their legendary burgers. A large black Angus steak patty, that comes topped with smoked turkey bacon, this is their "Original Legendary Burger", which goes for RM62, but don't be taken aback by the price, especially when you take into consideration the 227 grams of prime cut steak you get as your patty. For cheese lovers, you can go for a "Big Cheeseburger" (RM60.50) which comes with three thick slices of cheddar melted over a black Angus steak, and for vegetarians, there's a patty made of brown rice, oats, beets and black beans, called the Veggie Burger that goes for RM41.50.

Skybar, Bar & Restaurant @ Hotel JEN Puteri HarborPhoto By Sky Bar

For Drink With A View
Fancy a relaxing weekend by the pool with some cold drinks and awesome eats? Sky Bar located at the top most floor of Hotel Jen truly affords guest a spectacular view of Puteri Harbor from it's infinity pool. The dishes here are not your average bar bites, but more akin to a fancy italian restaurant. You can pick from snacks like Frittura (deep fried baby cuttlefish RM32), beef, chicken or lamb Satay (RM13 for 6 pieces), pastas, like their Tagliatelle (RM20), and full on main courses. We would recommend the salmon (RM41), which is Norwegian salmon char grilled and served with caper sauce, as well as the grilled lamb (RM69), that comes with crispy polenta and buttered vegetables. If you're just here to relax and not looking for a wholesome meal, try out one of their deserts, like the baked Alaska (RM23) which is a layer caked made up of vanilla, strawberries, chocolate ice cream, dried fruits and finished with a coat of meringue.

Trinidad Suites Puteri HarbourPhoto By Trinidad Suites

For A Weekend BBQ
Previously Somerset Puteri Harbor, Trinidad offers a rather affordable weekend BBQ buffet, that's definitely a value added benefit if you're looking for a weekend staycation. The buffet is priced at RM49 per adult and RM29 per child, and runs from Thursdays to Saturdays between 7pm to 10pm. Expect the regulars like chicken and beef, and be treated to fancier choices like squid, prawn, mutton and fish, which will all be grilled expertly by the chef's at Kembali Kitchen. Our personal favorite dish is the vegetable chowder, that is creamy and rich in flavor, as well as being low on guilt, since it's made of vegetables. Try out their desserts too, they've got a selection of cakes and a really fancy spread of fresh fruits too!

KUU Kopitiam (Puteri Cove Quayside)Photo By KUU Kopitiam

For Halal Nanyang Cuisine
If the previous recommendations are a little too heavy for you, how about some light local delights at KUU Kopitiam. Kuu is a subsidiary of Kuu Van Cha which itself was made by the same company behind Tea Garden. If you've been to any of the aforementioned restaurants you can expect what you would be getting here, Halal Nanyang cuisine, Yum! Try their spicy Lou shu Fan (RM12.90), which is a bowl of thick rice noodles served with sambal, anchovies, and a half boiled egg, the noodle may look dry at the get go, but once you mix everything up prepare to enjoy a saucy bowl of noodles. If you're after something sweet, we would recommend the lava buns (RM7.90), which are buns filled with an egg custard cream, the buns really go well with their a cup of their Kopi-o (RM4.20). Other notable items on the menu are their Nasi Lemak with fried chicken (RM12.50) and Hainanese chicken rice (RM15.90).