Jalan Austin Heights 7: JB's Latest Culinary Hotspot

From chic cafes to authentic dining spots, this vibrant locale boasts a diverse array of gastronomic pleasures to satisfy your palate.

The freshly finished retail structures lining Jalan Austin Heights 7 draw inspiration from Nanyang culture, offering abundant parking facilities for visitors. Come and discover Johor Bahru's latest culinary destination, perfect for food enthusiasts!

Uncle Soon Fried RicePhoto by Uncle Soon Fried Rice

For Nostalgic Fried Rice
Uncle Soon Fried Rice, a celebrated fried rice vendor hailing from SS15, Subang Jaya, is spreading its culinary magic to Johor Bahru with its debut branch! Known for their generous portions of delectable fried rice, their secret weapon lies in their exceptional chilli sauce, adding an irresistible kick to every bite.

Edward's Urban Fish & ChipsPhoto by Edward's Urban Fish & Chips

For Fish and Chips (Muslim friendly)
Edward's Urban Fish & Chips offers a delightful twist on this classic dish. Their homemade, alcohol-free batter is lightly seasoned, ensuring a Muslim-friendly dining experience. You have the freedom to select from a variety of fish options, including barramundi, dory, or perch, with prices ranging from RM23.90 to RM36.90. Indulge in the perfect harmony of flavours and cultural inclusivity at Edward's, where the love for fish and chips knows no boundaries.

Outline CafePhoto by Angel Cat

For Moonlight Camping Ambience
Outline Cafe provides an exceptional camping-inspired atmosphere, enveloping guests in the enchanting ambiance of a moonlit night. This charming cafe boasts an array of picturesque settings, ideal for preserving cherished moments. For a delightful treat, don't miss their highly recommended matcha lemon cake. Here, culinary enthusiasts can relish delectable treats within a tranquil indoor setting, evoking the joys of the outdoors without exposure to the elements.

The Blue Door Coffee HousePhoto by The Blue Door Coffee House

For Vibrant and Unconventional Dining
The Blue Door Coffee House is a haven for those seeking a unique and Instagram-worthy dining experience. Its eclectic decor, featuring intriguing elements like a bed in the middle of the cafe, definitely captivates visitors' eyes during their initial visit. Beyond its visual charm, the cafe offers an array of aesthetically pleasing treats, from delicate croissants to decadent cakes and artfully crafted lattes. The chocolate basque cake stands out as a crowd-pleaser, and indulging in their beverages enhances the full immersion into this cafe's captivating aesthetics. A visit to The Blue Door is a feast for the senses and the camera.

Poke TwinsPhoto by Poke Twins

For Healthy Eats
Poke Twins, initiated by twin sisters Jasmine and Jerlene in 2018, champions a wholesome dining ethos in Johor Bahru, now extending their influence to Mount Austin. At this vibrant eatery, patrons can craft their personalised poke bowls, selecting a base, two delectable sauces, four tantalising sides, and a preferred protein. Renowned for their health-conscious yet mouthwatering creations, Poke Twins ensure a twin win for both taste buds and well-being, contributing to a nutritious and delicious dining culture in the Johor Bahru community.

The GrassPhoto by The Grass

For Grass Jelly Desserts
The Grass is a testament to three generations of a Taiping family's dedication to perfecting the art of crafting grass jelly. With herbs simmered for eight hours and transformed into a delightful herbal elixir, this versatile ingredient finds its way into both refreshing beverages and delectable desserts. With desserts priced between RM12.90 to RM19.90, their menu offers a range of sweet indulgences. Don't miss the must-try Signature Grass Jelly Iced Dessert, a delicious testament to the rich tradition and flavour that defines The Grass.