New Restaurants & Cafes In Johor : January 2023

A year has passed, and now let's take a look at what's new in the state! Featuring a sweet Burpple beyond deal and a campsite in the city!

Hope all of you had a hopping good time welcoming the year of the rabbit! It's about time we took a leap to look at some new offerings of the foodie kind for Johor!

Kacang & Peanut CafePhoto by Kacang Peanut Cafe

For A Cool Beyond Deal!
Located inside Five's Hotel, this cool and classy café has the iced treats to beat any heat! They specialize in all manner of Ice Kachang style cold desserts, but instead of regular ice, they use fresh, frozen fruit juice, and coconut milk. They're also on Beyond, offering 1 for 1 on their German Pudding Tarts, which are just heavenly! We recommend the Choco pudding and Crème Brûlée, but they also have blueberry and Pandan coconut! Try them all out!

Doña BakehousePhoto by Doña Bakehouse

For Baked Goods
Made by the same team behind the Poke Twins, this new bakery is located right in the center of the city. They've got everything you'd expect of a cafe, but their main attractions are the freshly baked goodies at the front of the store. We recommend their Danish pastry (RM14.90), especially the strawberry one!

Nimmies Pastry CafePhoto by Nimmies Pastry Cafe

For Unique Croissants
This place has Nasi Lemak Croissant, nuf-said! Their Hoe Nasi Lemak Croissant (RM16) is a flaky crispy croissant base with everything that makes Nasi Lemak good on top! The Sambal is also legitimately spicy!

3 little chefPhoto by 3 Little Chef

For Camping Vibes In The City
This is a full fledged camping themed eatery located right next to City Plaza. They serve up a variety of dishes, which all fit perfectly into the outdoor atmosphere. Their signature is the "Volcano", which is a pyramid of thinly sliced beef or lamb and cabbages which are then grilled with soy sauce over a hot plate.