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Bar Bites for The Best Nights

Fancy cocktails and obscure craft beers — take a backseat. This one is all about the delicious bar snacks that keep the night going.

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While superheroes are constantly in the limelight, their sidekicks are often glossed over without a second thought — and we’re not having it! This is our tribute to the sidekick and a nifty handbook to all the best places for excellent bar bites!

Cosy Izakaya Nights

It’s Friday night and the workweek is finally over. You’re nestled in the corner of a dimly lit izakaya with your best mates. The cosy diner is filled with the smells of grilled meat and the sounds of conversation. You take a sip of your highball from a frosty glass and smile to yourself — you live for nights like this.

Yatagarasu Yakitori: For Fantastic Karaage and Yakitori with Highballs

bites_yatagarasu Photo by Burppler Alicia Ho

Swing by this cosy joint for authentic, affordable, and high quality Japanese bar bites. Order some yakitori ($2.50 each) to start — thigh, liver, gizzard or fillet — all parts are done to perfection. Cut through the meatiness with the simple but spot-on Coriander Salad ($6). Also, snack on the super juicy Enoki Mushroom ($3.50) and Shiso Leaf ($3.50) skewers with pork belly. Don’t skip the Deep Fried Squid ($11) and the well-seasoned Chicken Karaage ($9.60). Oh, and many icy-cold Highballs ($10), of course.

KatanashiFor Potato Mochi and ‘KFC’ By the River

bites_katanashi Photo by Burppler Amanda Liu

The alfresco area along the Singapore River is great for drinks with friends, but their intimate indoor space is excellent for coupling up. Their super addictive Potato Mochi ($7.80) combines chewy mochi with mashed potatoes and cheese and is perfect when paired with a pepper honey sauce or dipped in mentaiko mayo. Also, their juicy Katanashi Fried Chicken or KFC ($2.50 apiece) is the perfect beer buddy.

AjiyaFor DIY Okonomiyaki in Beauty World

bites_ajiya Photo by Burppler Hwans Lim

Good for dates and intimate dinners, this tiny restaurant in the west is the spot to be for Jap sides and fresh Okonomiyaki (from $15). Their juicy Mentaiko Hotate ($13 for 3 pieces) and savoury Potato Cheese Mentai ($10) are stunners. Have their crunchy, golden-brown Tempura Prawns ($12 for 5 pieces) on their own, mixed it up in tempura sauce or dipped in mayo.

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After Work Hangs

It’s been a longgg day at work and all you want is an ice-cold beer and some deep-fried tasty snacks to munch mindlessly on. Here you go.

TAP (Robertson Quay)For Salted Egg Shrimp Poppers, Wings and Sweet Potato Fries 

bites_tap Photo by Burppler cptslow yeo

Home to an extensive collection of excellent craft beers (get 6 beers for the price of 3 with #BurppleBeyond!), this riverside bistro doesn’t disappoint when it comes to their bar bites either. For easy-to-eat, battered and deep-fried shrimp tossed in salted egg, curry leaves and spices, order their Salted Egg Shrimp Poppers ($12). Their Sweet Potato Fries ($10) and Thai Glazed ($12) fried chicken glazed in Thai cilantro chilli sauce are also foolproof options.

Loof : For Rooftop Hangs over Chilli Crab Waffle Fries

bites_loof Photo by Burppler Alan Tan

With Happy hour from 5-8pm from Mondays to Fridays, this is a great spot for dinner (a pretty naughty one) and drinks. A must-try is the Crab Crab Waffle Fries ($15) served with Loof’s signature chilli sauce and a blue crab dip. Also share the Bacon Lollipop ($16 for 4 pieces), where pancetta nuggets are glazed with maple syrup, or kick it up a notch with the Loof Partay Platter ($52) that comes with the bacon lollipops, crispy chicken satay, house-made chilli crab dip with waffle-cut fries, ‘California maki’ mayo and wanton chips.

Freehouse : For Cereal Frog Legs and Fish Bites in Telok Ayer

bites_freehouse Photo by Burppler Jason Wong

Grab your colleagues to share some of the best bar food around while trying great craft beers. The Cereal Frog Legs with Ginger Flower Dressing ($17) are gorgeously crunchy on the outside while sweet and tender on the inside. Also have the Japanese Curry Fries ($13) and Baked Cauliflower with Garlic Miso Cream ($11). Nothing on their menu has disappointed so far.

Casual Don’t Care

For budget-friendly outings with your mates. Sure, you’re a bit skint but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a good feed!

Sa Tae Bak : For Simple Japanese-inspired Snacks in Paya Lebar

bites_sataebak Photo by Burppler Eunice Sng

Come as you are — shorts, slippers, whatever. This unpretentious joint is perfect for kicking back with Guinness ($9 per pint), Highballs ($6 per glass) and lots of skewers that are great for feasting on budget. Get the Cold Tofu with Century Egg ($3.50), juicy Thigh with Leek ($1.50), Quail Egg with Mentaiko ($2), Shemeiji Bacon ($2.50) or Enoki Bacon ($2.50) and Grilled Fresh Oyster ($4.50). Expect dog-walkers and joggers filtering through foldable tables by the canal — It’s a far cry from wines by the Seine, but hey, it’s as chill as it gets.

Cuscaden Patio :  For Dang Good Wings and Sausage Rolls in Orchard

bites_cuscaden Photo by Burppler Jonathan Lim

Look past its slightly dodgy surroundings and you’ll find a no-frills dive bar next to Forum serving up great bar bites and super cheap beer (on Tuesdays, jugs go for $13!). Get their Patio Wings (from $7.60) that are super juicy and fried to crisp perfection best paired with zesty chilli sauce. Also share the sinful Patio Roll ($8), where a basket full of bite-sized, golden brown hotdog cheese rolls pair wonderfully with beer. Pro Tip: If you love emo, rock or punk music, you’ll adore their angsty younger sister on the second floor ‘Chips’, owned by the same folks.

Date Night 

Anyone can look up the best bars in town but we give extra brownie points for a date who knows where the best bar snacks are ;)

The Guild : For Mac & Cheese on Keong Saik Road

bites_theguild Photo by Burppler Edith Loo

Sit by the bar for a classy yet casual date, and dig into the heavenly Mac & Cheese ($21) together. The bowl of cheesy, creamy goodness comes complete with a wobbly egg yolk on top. Also excellent is their delicious Charred Sweet Corn ($12) that Burppler Jayne Tan describes as sitting on “buttery polenta clouds, finished with chilli oil and a touch of mint”. Wash all these treats down with their Young Master beers (we’d recommend the Cha Chan Teng or the Rye on Wood). Sounds like the perfect date night, doesn’t it?

RVLT : For Cheese Platters and More in Clarke Quay

bites_rvlt Photo by Burppler Jonathan Wong

Here’s a spot that impresses without being pretentious. Have the friendly folks recommend natural wines to try, while you order the luxurious Mixed Cheese Platter (from $35, brie, epoisses, fourme d'ambert and a 36-month comte) served with dates, cherries, walnuts and honey. Also fantastic are their Fettucine ($28) with shrimp in a scrumptious uni butter sauce, and the crowd favourite Patty Melt ($26).

Almost Famous : For Chicken & Waffles in Chijmes

bites_almostfamous Photo by Burppler Xing Wei Chua

File this industrial space away for trendy, hipster date nights in town. Accompany your craft beers with the sweet and savoury Chicken and Waffles ($14), or get fancy with their Luxury Fries ($16), where regular straight cut fries get an upgrade of truffle, cheese and a spoonful of caviar. Otherwise, get the crisp and meaty Tom Yum Gyoza ($10) served with a creamy, coconutty and tangy tom yum sauce — squeeze on some lime for more oomph!

Rogue Trader : For Gunpowder Potatoes and Onion Rings in Little India

bites_rogue Photo by Burppler Melissa Chee

Sitting above Meatsmith (Little India), this hidden cocktail bar is excellent for a post-dinner nightcap and snack. Order the not-too-spicy Gunpowder Potatoes ($8) for crisp potatoes seasoned in spices and fried curry leaves, served with an addictive green chutney dip. Their crisp and flavourful Bhaji Onion Rings ($9) with a spice-infused batter is also good for sharing. Be sure to wash it all down with a bespoke cocktail or two.

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