Best Budget-Friendly Omakase In Singapore That Won't Break The Bank

Omakase is typically an expensive affair, but thankfully more Japanese restaurants are now offering this special experience at pocket-friendly prices, including one that starts from just $38!

Japanese food has always been one of the hottest category for Burpplers, and we're not surprised. Sadly omakase, which feature a selection of the chef's best dishes and are widely considered one of the best part of Japanese cuisine, can typically cost upwards of $120 on average. Well, now you can find affordable omakase meals for very reasonable prices.

Bistro Du Le Pin
Photo by Burppler Jason Wong

Bistro Du Le Pin sounds like a French restaurant, but don't be fooled. This is a cosy restaurant in Orchard plaza serving up a incredibly affordable 18-course dinner omakase at $120, with free-flow wine to boot. The dishes here a little different, with Japanese fusion dishes like spaghetti with uni, wasabi cream cheese, and chilli tuna. Burppler I makan Sg "felt absolutely satisfied, with the good deal, quantity and quality of the food."

Ryo Sushi
Photo by Burppler Justin Teo

This well-known omakase spot is located in the heart of Tanjong Pagar and is popular for its 15-course lunch omakase from just $38. This includes nine pieces of assorted sushi, hand roll, chirashi don, and a truffled onsen egg. Even their dinnertime omakase comes at a steal, with 18-course and 18-course uni menus priced at $68 and $98 respectively.

Photo by Burppler NUS Fat Club

This sake joint in Katong also serves up a pocket-friendly omakase priced from $48 for lunch and $98 for dinner, with appetisers, cold and hot dishes, chawanmushi, a main, a carb dish, soups and sweets. Talk about the full array! The courses here and experimental and goes beyond Japanese cuisine, with creations like foie gras chawanmushi with mapo sauce, fried prawn head with sambal mayo, and bak kut teh udon.

RAPPU Handroll Bar
Photo by Burppler Hà Hà

Rappu is currently one of the hottest Japanese spots in the city. Opened by the team behind the trendy Featherblade Steakhouse, this handroll sushi bar offers a unique six-course handroll omakase for $36. And you'll be impressed at the variety, which features a multitude of flavours and fresh ingredients like scallop, crab, amberjack and engawa flatfish. Burppler Julius Lim also recommends topping up for a "sake pairing of a flight of six ($18) that you should absolutely get as well."

Hana Japanese Restaurant
Photo by Burppler Cynd Ng

Hana (you know, that restaurant that got viral at one point for their 'flying' somen?) has been a cosy gem at Forum along Orchard Road for over seven years now, offering very affordable omakase sets priced from $38 to $88. In fact, their cheapest option already comes with a whopping 15 courses. Think sushi, tempura, soba, and others, depending on the season.

Photo by Burppler Fann Chong

No way you haven't heard of Teppei before - in fact, this restaurant is so popular that you'll have to book your seats at least a month in advance. The dinner omakase here is a steal, starting from $80 for 15 to 17 courses.  Even the experience is a little different from your usual omakase - aside from the usual sashimi, expect novel courses like crispy grasshopper and other dishes that are literally fed to you by the chefs with a spoon. Burppler Jason Ng says you "will experience so many different flavour profiles from their dinner omakase. We realised that we really cannot pick a favourite among the dishes served as most were so darn good."