Best Buffets in Singapore 2022

Ever wanted to satisfy your endless cravings? Well, you certainly can at a buffet which offers unlimited scrumptious delights!

If you can't decide on where to feast, take a cue from our specially curated all-you-can-eat guide for the best buffet restaurants in Singapore. From Asian Fusion and Korean BBQ to fresh seafood and shabu-shabu, we've got you covered!

Vienna International Seafood

For Fresh Seafood
Conveniently located at the basement of United Square, Vienna's menu includes over 150 varieties of food to choose from—these include everything from local favourites to authentic Japanese and Western cuisine.

But of course, what they're most popular for is their seafood platter which consists of fresh fish, prawns, oysters, mussels, and baby lobsters! You can also dig into their free-flow Baked Cheesy Scallops, or order a warm bowl of comforting soup including their Shark Fin or Buddha Jumps Over the Wall broths.

Danji Korean BBQ Buffet

For Tasty Korean Eats
Home to authentic Korean BBQ, Danji offers a wide range of premium quality ingredients in their buffet line. We're talking an extensive variety of fresh seafood and delicious meats such as beef brisket, pork chop, ribeye cuts, soy sauce fried chicken and pork belly marinated in wine or garlic.

Not to mention their signature banchan dishes including crispy chive pancakes, tteokbokki, kimchi soup, and japchae (glass noodles). The restaurant also offers unlimited melted cheese which you can dip your meats into!

Jin Li Steamboat Buffet

For A Spicy Steamboat 
Known for their spicy hot pots, this Chinese steamboat buffet is just the place for mala lovers! Some of their popular meat cuts include the US Super Beef, Pork Belly, and of course, the Chong Qing Grilled Fish. Dip these fresh ingredients into the mala and collagen broth and you're guaranteed a fiery good experience. Question is: can you take the heat?

MARU Korean BBQ Buffet

For a Spectacular Beef Buffet
Only a stone’s throw away from Beauty World MRT Station, this premium family-friendly restaurant allows you to tuck into endless servings of marinated meats. Help yourself to a range of Korean-style beef short ribs, ribeye steak, sliced beef boneless short ribs, sliced pork belly, BBQ beef, and chicken slices!

And, of course, you can pair these meats with their flavourful sauces which are available in both mild and spicy options, depending on your personal preference. Their tasty side dishes are not to be missed too! Expect appetisers such as takoyaki, fried dumplings, japchae and tteokbokki.

K.COOK Korean BBQ Buffet

For Pocket-Friendly Korean BBQ
With its affordable price tag and large dining area, this casual Korean barbecue buffet is the perfect spot for a gathering with the gang. At just $14.90 per pax, the Weekday Lunch is the ultimate steal! Help yourself to their wide variety of free-flow meats, seafood and Korean dishes. Their tasty Japchae (glass noodles) and crispy Pajeon (pancake) are crowd favourites as well.

Shaburi & Kintan Buffet

For Tasty Grilled Meats or Japanese Shabu 
Located on the third floor of JEM is Shaburi and Kintan Buffet which houses two concepts under one roof—Japanese shabu (hotpot) and kintan (grilled meats). Diners have to pick between the two so make sure you make a decision before stepping in!

You can either opt for the Regular Buffet ($24.80 for Shaburi, $27.80 for Kintan) or the Special Shabu ($29.80) or Kintan Buffet ($34.80). We'd strongly recommend the latter as they serve better quality meat cuts. Once you're set with your choice, get ready to go into a 90-minute feeding frenzy with their cooked food, vegetable, drinks, and soft serve stations! Maximise this time as you please.


For A Cheesy Indulgence
Bring a cheese lover to this Italian joint, and they'll love you for it. The Formaggissimo Night ($58) flaunts a free-flow selection of over 40 Italian cheeses from Burrata to Smoked Mozzarella and Gorgonzola. Cheeses aside, you can also fill up on a scrumptious variety of crudo (Italian-style raw fish), cured meats, bread, and cook-to-order pastas.

Beach Road Kitchen

For A Freshly Cooked Buffet Spread
Situated in the heart of South Beach, Beach Road Kitchen is where diners can immerse themselves in a Chefs-on-Show Buffet with unlimited servings of artisanal cheeses and charcuterie, seafood on ice, freshly baked pizzas and pastas cooked Ă  la minute. Talk about a great dining experience!

SENSHI Sushi & Grill

For An À la Carte Buffet Menu
With a new recipe revamp, SENSHI Sushi & Grill's classic signatures and all-time favourites are back and better than ever. Helmed by Veteran Chef Martin Woo, the contemporary Japanese restaurant continues to satisfy with an all-you-can-eat à la carte buffet where you can indulge in everything from appetisers like the Chuka Idako (seasoned baby octopus) and Chuka Wakame (seasoned sesame seaweed salad) to fresh Sashimi options such as Hamachi, Mekajiki and oysters, topped with ponzu jelly and ikura.