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Best Dishes the Burpple Community Ate in 2018

Ah, what a glorious year it’s been for foodies! The #foreverhungry Burpple community has been on their A-game — scouting new openings, rediscovering old favourites and looking out for hidden gems. To celebrate and honour all the yummy things we ate, we look back on the eight top dishes in 2018.

1. Stracciatella at Alta Cafe


Photo by Burpple Blueskies Cottonclouds

Cheese for Days
When this trendy cafe sprouted up late this year serving housemade cheeses, the community — us included! — simply could not resist. Just ask Burppler Blueskies Cottonclouds, who declared the Stracciatella (RM23) worth sacrificing her staple local breakfast for. The buffalo milk cheese sees a stringy, scrambled egg-like texture, and is finished with a drizzle of honey, nuts and herbed olive oil. More. Cheese. In 2019!

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2. Omelette with Pork Belly at Ebony & Ivory Coffee


Photo by Burppler Rueann Dass

Will Journey for Pork Belly
A drive to Cheras might sound like a far-fetched brunch idea, but if our community has taught us anything, it’s that the trek for good food is always worth it. It’s the weekend special Omelette with Pork Belly (RM20) that has won hearts and tummies over in 2018 – think the most perfectly swirled omelette served with a caramelised oven-baked pork belly and sourdough. In the words of Burppler Sok Chien Lim, ‘sign us up for a loyalty card because we’re sure to be back for more’.

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3. Bisi Bele Bhath at MTR 1924


Photo by Burppler Nicholas Ng

Lentils, Spice and Everything Nice
MTR’s Bisi Bele Bhath (RM9) is reminiscent of a tomato-based risotto — creamy, zingy and redolent of spices, tamarind and curry leaves. The community waxed lyrical about this dish throughout the year; Burppler Foodgazer describes it as a “fascinating risotto-bisque-tasting dish”, while Burppler Nicholas Ng leaves us with an ingenious pro tip: “Use the papadum as a makeshift spoon to dig into the rice for the best experience”.

See more at MTR 1924

4. Nagoya Mazesoba at Menya Hanabi


Photo by Burppler Rynz Caryn

Make Way for More Mazesoba
Thick, handmade wheat noodles slicked in delicious oil and dressed with luxurious amounts of flavourful minced meat, spring onions and a gorgeous egg yolk, this Nagoya Mazesoba (RM29) first appeared on the community’s radar late last year, and it’s been racking up points and Burpple reviews since. Our favourite part about this foodporn-worthy dish? When you’re done inhaling noodles, you get to ask for a small (complimentary) scoop of rice that helps sop up all that leftover umami sauce. Carb lovers, make a beeline!

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5. MK Drink at Foo Fee (福啡)


Photo by Burppler Alyssia Yu

All About That Kopi Peng
Thanks to Burppler F P Yap, we discovered this hidden gem in Kepong this year. The menu is eggs galore, but what the community is really obsessed with, is the coffee! Imagine a tall glass of super gao, super good iced chocolate coffee. Whatever that tastes like in your imagination, the MK Drink (from RM3.80) is better. Strong, chocolatey and perfect for a hot day.

See more at Foo Fee (福啡)

6. Creamy Curry Udon at J's Gate Dining


Photo by Burppler Rueann Dass

Cream and Curry for the Win
This year we learned that cream and curry are a match made in heaven. Beneath the rich, smooth layer of beautifully piped cream lies a hearty serving of curry udon. The result is creamy perfection and a flavour bomb too! If these noodles are good enough to turn the udon-averse Burppler Rynz Caryn into a bona fide fan, it’s good enough for us!

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7. Croissant with Butter and Kaya at Thong Kee


Photo by Burppler jionghui lim

Kopitiam Breakfast Gets an Upgrade
We love our butter and we love our kaya, but most of all, we love 'em slathered together in one wonderfully sweet and savoury spread. Forget toast — Thong Kee has done it with fresh, fluffy croissants and as they say in breakfast world, croissants trump all. The combination is smart, simple and so, so tasty, it’s no wonder the queues stretch long come opening hour.

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8. Sourdough Sandwiches at Tommy Le Baker 


Photo by Burppler Alyssia Yu

The Sourdough Pile-Up
You probably already know Tommy Le Baker and his sourdough breads, doled out in big, beautiful loaves at Kampung Attap. What we spotted on the community’s hotlist this year are his sandwiches! Burpplers are big fans of the Camembert (RM18) — gorgeously melted soft cheese stacked between crisp, chewy sourdough slices. The textural contrast is mind-blowing and the flavour… well, let’s just say Tommy knows his stuff! We’re just happy to call anything that involves bread the ‘best thing we ate’.

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What’s the best thing YOU ate this year? Share your favourite dishes with the community in the app here!