The Best Modern-Day Speakeasies In Singapore

Beneath these hidden doors and unsuspecting entrances, cocktails await!

Speakeasy bars have been all the rage lately! And, for good reason. Most of them are exclusive and often feature intimate settings which makes them sought-after spots for a night out. If you're looking for just that, check out our list of the best speakeasies in Singapore—each of them has their own unique charm, and none are like the other.

The Dragon Chamber

For An Unconventional Chinese Meal  
Nestled beneath a brightly coloured 'kopitiam,' The Dragon Chamber is a hidden gem through and through. After all, the entrance to the restaurant is disguised as a sliding fridge door. Once you enter, you'll find yourself transported to a new dimension where dim lighting, plush seating, and Chinese inspired decor sets the mood for an unforgettable night.

While you're there, be sure to try out their highly raved about Firecracker Chicken and Maple Fritters ($30) which strikes a perfect balance between sweet and spicy. The dish features succulent pieces of chicken that are coated in a fiery chilli glaze; this certainly packs a punch and will leave your senses tingling.


For TCM-Inspired Cocktails 
Restaurant by day and lounge by night, Synthesis caters to lunchtime patrons as well as night owls looking for a tipple! Their entrance looks like that of a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) shop, with its wooden shelves filled with different herbs and Chinese phrases plastered all over the walls.

One of the standout drinks on their menu is most definitely 'Uncle Tom's Kopi O' ($24), a combination of whisky and Black Coffee Liqueur, with tons of butter foam to top it all off. This delicious and potent concoction combines the rich, bold flavours of Black Coffee with the smooth, smoky notes of whisky. The result is a drink that's both invigorating and intoxicating—perfect for a night out!

We would also recommend the exotic Ginseng Spiced Wine ($23) that's made up of wine reduction, Cognac, and ginseng with a blended spice infusion. This one's equal parts complex and refreshing.

28 HongKong Street 

For American-Style Drinks & Grub 
Tucked away behind the facade of a modest 1960's shophouse, 28 HongKong Street is home to a charming speakeasy. As with bars of this nature, there's a palpable sense of exclusivity that comes with patronising this mysterious joint as most only know about this by word of mouth.

Their extensive menu features American-style craft cocktails and artisanal spirits, as well as American comfort food (think juicy steaks) made from scratch! A highlight from the former includes Down The Rabbit Hole, a cocktail with bold and daring flavours that are sure to spice up your tastebuds.

Mama Diam

For A Nostalgic Mama Shop Experience
Welcome to Mama Diam: a throwback to the past and the perfect place to go to when you need to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. It's unassuming entrance is uniquely designed to evoke a nostalgic memory of a typical Mama Shop from the past... but behind those closed doors lies a cozy and intimate bar!

You'll find that their menu features a modernised twist on traditional local favourites. If you're craving something that's both sweet and indulgent, try out their mouth-watering Sweet Honey Mango and Citrus Coconut mixed with Roku dressing ($19). The fusion of sweet and tangy flavours, combined with the creaminess of the Roku dressing results in a flavourful combination that has been a hit with many patrons.

Want a drink instead of a bite? Go for the Sakura-Hi ($20), a delightful concoction combining pink peppercorn-infused gin with Sakura tea, rose lychee, elderflower, and soda.

Taylor Adam

For Brilliant Bespoke Cocktails 
Don't let this modest tailor shop fool you! Beneath it lies one of the most unique and captivating speakeasies you'll find in Singapore. Indeed, Taylor Adam's decor is enthralling to say the least—expect walls plastered with neon lights, and a massive bar counter with rows of bottles (featuring a diverse selection of spirits) lining the shelves behind it.

Want a drink that's both satisfying and visually stunning? Try the Cuban Dream ($23.80), a twisted version of the Mojito, with mint leaves, brown sugar, lime juice, Havana Club rum, elderflower liquor, Prosecco, and Angostura Bitters. The combination of these ingredients seeks to elevate the already foolproof recipe of the classic Mojito!


For A Retro Night Out 
If you're a fan of all things retro and absolutely love the idea of stepping back in time, Roxy is where you should go to spend the night! Step through their mysteriously unmarked door that's hidden in the loading dock of the Sail at Marina Bay and you'll be transported back to a bygone era of disco, funk, soul, and most importantly, 70s rock and roll. As classic hits fill the room, soak in the electrifying atmosphere in a room shrouded in red tinted lights, with vintage posters lining the walls.

Check out craft cocktails such as the Backstage Pass ($23), a classic Margarita that combines the sweet, tangy flavours of lime juice and orange liquor with the distinctive taste of tequila. Pair this with their comfort food offerings like the Triple Cheese Grilled Cheese ($8) and you'll be all set for the night. To avoid any disappointment, do make a reservation ($25 deposit) before heading over as entry to this bar is in high demand!