Best In Johor : World Pizza Day 2023

The 9th of February is World Pizza Day, and we've got a list of the best places that serve this iconic pie for those who knead a pizza break!

The most loved pie all around the globe, here are the best places in Johor where you can enjoy this usually circular, doughy disc! Let's raise a crust to this round delight!

AgliosPhoto by Aglios

For Classic Italian Pizza
Let's kick off this list with the best Italian place in the city. Aglios has a variety of toppings to try out, we loved their Granchio E Pepe (RM28.90), as the succulent crab meat goes so well with the tomato cream and mozzarella. Aglios is on Beyond and there are 1-for-1 deals for their pastas and risottos.

Qulai Pizza Kayu ApiPhoto by Qulai Pizza Kayu Api

For Wood-Fired Pizza
Located in Kulai, this little pizza house serves up pies that have a pleasant wood-fired aroma. The rambutan wood fed stone oven gives the pizza that distinctive smoky flavor and scent. We loved their signature, which is a chicken and pineapple pizza that just showcases their pie producing skills! Their pizzas are 1-for-1 on Beyond too!

Feast Eco GalleriaPhoto by Feast Eco Galleria

For Gourmet Fusion
If you're looking for local flavors on your Italian pie, this is the spot! We can't get enough of their "Laksa Love From Johor" which is a laksa sauced and Otak-otak topped pizza. They're on Beyond so if you're with a friend you can get double the pie!

Basilico RestaurantPhoto by Basilico Restaurant

For Separate Toppings
They've got a variety of toppings to choose from ,and they make it less daunting for those who want to try more than one as you can have a half-and-half pizza! Try their Ocean Pesto and Basilico signature, giving you a mix of a seafood basil pesto and prosciutto de Parma, parmesan arugula and balsamic vinegar.