Beyond Deals: Japanese Cuisine

With #BurppleBeyond, you can enjoy fantastic deals whilst indulging in a symphony of flavours that'll transport you to the vibrant streets of Japan!

Tamoya Udon (Plaza Singapura): 30% Off (Weekday Lunch Set) (~save $6)
Photo by Cady Tay | Deal Valid till 30 Sep 2023

For Udon Enthusiasts 
Tamoya Udon emerges as a haven for Udon enthusiasts, redefining the art of Japanese comfort food. Amidst a sea of delectable choices, one dish stands out as a true masterpiece—the Sanuki Beef Udon ($12.70). Nestled within this bowl are tender slices of perfectly marinated Sanuki beef which complements the slurp-worthy noodles to a T. This is further elevated by a rich and flavourful broth that has been simmered to perfection.

Shin Minori (UE Square): 1-For-1 Weekday Dinner Omizu Buffet (~save $62.90)
Photo by Foodie Couple | Deal Valid till 30 Sep 2023

For An Exceptional Buffet Experience 
Shin Minori beckons diners with its exceptional offerings, most notably its renowned Omizu Buffet ($62.90). Satisfy your cravings with an array of sushi that boasts not only impeccable freshness but also an exquisite diversity, each piece crafted with precision. But the feast doesn't stop there! Diners can also look forward to the crisp indulgence of deep-fried dishes and the aromatic allure of grilled and steamed creations—here, every corner of Japan's culinary spectrum is thoughtfully covered.

Onkei Tonkatsu (Paya Lebar Square): Burpple Beyond Set (~save $39.90) 
Photo by Kimberley Leow | Deal Valid till 30 Sep 2023

For Tasty Tonkatsu 
Onkei Tonkatsu is where the exquisite flavours of Japanese cuisine take centre stage. The Onkei Burpple Set stands as a testament of their dedication to quality and taste as it boasts a tantalising medley of flavours, featuring the succulent Ebi and Rosu Katsu that strikes the perfect balance between tender and crunchy. The Tori Karaage, with its golden brown crispiness, promises a burst of flavour with every bite, and the Fried Oyster adds a delightful oceanic touch to the ensemble. One thing's for certain, each component is meticulously prepared!

Saketoshi: 1-For-1: Mains (Dinner) (~save $28) 
Photo by Nicole Low | Deal Valid till 30 Sep 2023

For A Flavourful Experience
Saketoshi's delicious Japanese fare aims only to captivate the senses! The spotlight undoubtedly falls on their signature Beef Don ($19) which features tender and succulent beef that melts in your mouth with every bite. The richness of the beef marries the luxurious notes of the aromatic truffle mayo and delicate pearls of caviar perfectly, making this bowl a true feast for the senses.

Yakizen: 1-for-1 Main Dish (~save $15)
Photo by Burpple Guides | Deal Valid till 30 Sep 2023

For Mouth-Watering Dishes 
Yakizen's enticing array of dishes are set to ignite your taste buds! We highly recommend the Salmon Aburi Maki ($26.80) which showcases a delicate balance of flavours that Japanese cuisine is celebrated for. Equally captivating is the Fresh Oyster ($14.80) that's adorned with ponzu sauce; the interplay of the briny oyster and the citrusy zest of the sauce creates an unforgettable medley on the palate. To elevate your experience, consider pairing these delights with some refreshing Asahi or Sapporo bottles!

Nomiya Izakaya & Sake Bar: 1-For-1: Don & Pasta (Lunch) (~save $21) 
Photo by Khaw Han Chung | Deal Valid till 30 Sep 2023

For A Hearty & Satisfying Meal 
If you're a lover of Japanese cuisine, you'd most definitely take to Nomiya Izakaya & Sake Bar. Try their Karaage Chicken Don which promises tender pieces of chicken enveloped in a crispy, golden skin that gives way to a melt-in-your-mouth tenderness within. The delightful contrast between the crispy exterior and the succulent interior will surely win you over. The ease with which these delectable morsels can be savoured while they're still piping hot adds to the pleasure of the experience! What's more, their generous portion sizes can cater to hearty appetites, ensuring a fulfilling meal that satisfies both the palate and the stomach.

DOCO (International Plaza): 1-for-1 Donburi Set (~save $17.90)
Photo by Siong Woon Chan | Deal Valid till 30 Sep 2023

For Comforting Japanese Beef Bowls 
Experience a culinary voyage like no other at DOCO, where each visit promises to tantalise your taste buds. A highlight not to be missed is their Beef Bowl ($17.90), a masterpiece that guarantees both comfort and flavour in every bite. This sumptuous creation boasts tender, succulent beef that melts in your mouth and goes beautifully with the richness of a perfectly runny egg. As if that weren't enough, a delightful surprise awaits with the addition of crispy fish skin, adding a satisfying crunch to the dish as a whole.

Ima-Sushi: 1-For-1 Makimono (Takeaway) (~save $2.40)
Photo by Burpple Guides | Deal Valid till 30 Sep 2023

For Delicious Sushi Creations
Ima Sushi was born from a fervent aspiration to make sushi accessible to all, and they can safely say they have succeeded in their mission. Try their flame-torched Aburi Salmon Mentai Roll ($12.90) and you'll see what we mean. This culinary masterpiece marries the rich umami of salmon with the creamy allure of Mentai, creating a symphony of textures that dance on the palate. The delicate torching adds a delightful smokiness that further elevates the dish to a new level of indulgence.

Paris2Tokyo: 1-For-1 4-Course Menu (Lunch) (~save $60)
Photo by Darren Teo | Deal Valid till 30 Sep 2023

For Japanese Fusion Food 
Indulge in a delectable fusion of culinary cultures at Paris2Tokyo, where East meets West in the most delightful way possible. Among their remarkable offerings, the Snow Crab Pasta ($28) is a highlight as it embodies the perfect cross between French and Japanese flavours. Delicately cooked al dente pasta serves as the canvas for tender snow crab meat, which is rich in both sweetness and brine. This elegant seafood dish is enhanced with a medley of Japanese-inspired ingredients including umami-laden seaweed and a drizzle of soy-infused essence.

Nanami Izakaya: 1-For-1 Sashimi (~save $13)
Photo by Cherie Heng | Deal Valid till 30 Sep 2023

For Sashimi Lovers 
Calling all Sashimi lovers! Head to Nanami Izakaya for the finest Sashimi ($13) platter; this consists of buttery, fresh raw fish that come in vibrant hues, highlighting the purity of each cut. Don't forget to dip each slice of fish in soy sauce for the ultimate sensory delight!