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Beyond Events: 1-for-1 deals this F1 weekend

It’s F1 weekend and while that means exclusions on Burpple Beyond, we’re not about to let that get in the way of your plans! Here are 42 exclusive spots to enjoy 1-for-1 with your loved ones.

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Paulaner Bräuhaus Singapore — 1-for-1 Main Dish (save up to $33)


Photo by Burppler Jocelyn Wong

F1. Cars. Music. German pork knuckle — you're up for a good time this weekend.

Pince & Pints (Katong) — 1-for-1 Truffle Lobster Roll (save up to $82)


Photo by Burppler I Makan Sg

Truffle lobster rolls worth rolling out of bed and over to the East for.

Glasshouse by DHM — 1-for-1 Main Dish (save up to $25.60)


Photo by Burppler Mr Digester

You deserve steak and fries. Heck, you even deserve free-flow fries. Call the meat-loving buddies.

Haritts — 1-for-1 Double Donuts & Coffee (save up to $8.80)


Photo by Burppler xlilypad

Double donuts — always a good idea. With this deal, you get double the coffee to wash it down too.

Masizzim (All outlets) — 1-for-1 Main Dish (save up to $38.80)


Photo by Burppler Rachel Xie

Round up your Korean-loving friends for squid and leek pancake and bubbling beef stew!

Porta — 1-for-1 Three Course Set Menu (save up to $60)


Photo by Burppler Ice Blossom

Enjoy the atmospheric vibes at date night-worthy Porta and their top-notch three-course meal at half the price.

Kogane Yama (All outlets) — 1-for-1 Main Dish (save up to $18.80)


Photo by Burppler Joleen Chong

Just because the tendon bowl is filled to the brim, doesn’t mean you gotta share. Order for two, pay for one.

The Sushi Bar — 1-for-1 Hamachi Belly Sashimi (save up to $10.60)


Photo by Burppler Casey Tan

You don’t need a reason to treat yourself to these smooth, delicate cuts of fatty sashimi (although 1-for-1 is a pretty good one!).

Vatos Urban Tacos — 1-for-1 Tacos or Burritos (save up to $17)


Photo by Burppler Dex Neo

Nothing says party food like a good plate of tacos. Pile 'em up with 1-for-1! 

52 Sandwich Shack — 1-for-1 Sandwiches (save up to $8.40)


Photo by Burppler M *

Fuel up on a cheesy, meaty sarnie before the festivities begin!

Fyr — 1-for-1 Main Dish (save up to $30)


Photo by Burppler Ade Tan

Get your money’s worth with 1-for 1 mains, cos you’re gonna wanna splurge on the oozy pistachio melt.

Nooka Modern Thai Cuisine — 1-for-1 Main & Drink (save up to $20)


Photo by Burppler Shawn Loh

Rainy days call for both the creamy chicken stew and spicy tom yum at Nooka, and we’ve got you covered with 1-for-1.

Urban Bites — 1-for-1 Main Dish (save up to $25)


Photo by SG FoodShare

For an easy introduction to legit Mediterranean.


Tempura TenTen — 1-for-1 Ramen (save up to $14.50)


Photo by Burppler Eunice Foo

Slurp your way through the weekend, cos 1-for-1.

My Little Tapas Bar — 1-for-1 Tapas (save up to $15)


Photo by Burppler Fiona Ting

If you’re making plans with the gang, this little tapas bar should be on your list.

Nipong Naepong (All outlets) — 1-for-1 Main Dish (save up to $17.80)


Photo by Burppler Marc T.

Get in the mood for a noodle dinner, and bring at least two friends to share the generous 1-for-1 ppongs!

Four Points Eatery — 1-for-1 Buffet (save up to $65)


Photo by Burppler Tiara Lim

Buffet for the weekend? Your family will thank you (and you can thank us later).

The Best Brew — 1-for-1 Main Dish (save up to $20)


Photo by Burppler Jasmine Lim

After a long day of adrenaline-pumped F1 viewing, kick back over beers and bites at this swanky hotel bar.

Umi Nami — 1-for-1 Main Dish (save up to $17)


Photo by Burppler Foodie Holic

Salmon sashimi bowls for you and all of your friends — be that friend who brings a good deal to the table.

Caffè Vergnano 1882 — 1-for-1 All Day Breakfast (save up to $14.50)


Photo by Burppler Judy Choong

Here’s what you should do this weekend: wake up to the smell of bacon waffles and take a snooze after slurping up a rich espresso chocolate drink.

Blue Jasmine — 1-for-1 Main Dish (save up to $21.50)


Photo by Burppler Wuu Yyiizzhhoouu

The best way to experience a feast here? Come in a group of four to share four dishes and make one (or two!) of it the pad Thai.

Chir Chir Fusion Chicken Factory (All outlets) — 1-for-1 Main Dish (save up to $32.90)


Photo by Burppler Kenneth Lee

Find friends who will eat fried chicken with you and you will have found friends for life — treat ‘em to these 1-for-1 platters.

Ice Edge Cafe (All outlets) — 1-for-1 Main Dish (save up to $20)


Photo by Burppler Natalie Wong

The variety at Ice Edge is what to come for. That, and the 1-for-1 mains. Pizzas, pastas, crispy schnitzel cordon bleu — you name it.

Cali Cafe (Rochester & Changi) — 1-for-1 Main Dish (save up to $22)


Photo by Burppler Eunice Foo

Bright, zesty pasta and yummy pizza for a sunny weekend in the city.

78 Alkofelic — 1-for-1 Signature Cocktail (save up to $13.80)


Photo by Burppler Emily S

Take the after-party for cocktails without worrying about the bill. 

Pietro Ristorante Italiano — 1-for-1 Main Dish (save up to $24.80)


Photo by Burppler Drew Lee

No weekend like a weekend spent stuffing your face with pizzas and pastas.

The Communal Place  — 1-for-1 Main Dish (save up to $22)


Photo by Burppler Brian Xavier

1-for-1 chicken roulade and cheesesteak burgers — what more could you want for brunch?

KPO Cafe Bar — 1-for-1 Main Dish (save up to $20)


Photo by Burppler _Natsu_

Go luxe for nasi lemak at a bar because you can.

NY Night Market (All outlets)— 1-for-1 Main Dish (save up to $30.90)


Photo by Burppler AC Chan

Korean street eats with a couple of buddies — you’re all set for the weekend.

Sabio by the Sea — 1-for-1 Main Dish (save up to $21.70)


Photo by Burppler Xing Wei Chua

Not a fan of buzzy racecar vibes? Escape to the seaside and spend your weekend snacking on chorizo instead.

Randy Indulgence — 1-for-1 Shiok Bowl (save up to $14.90)


Photo by Burppler Claire Ng

If you’re the disciplined kind who likes a healthy acai bowl, here’s a reward — 1-for-1 shiok bowls!

Saturday House — 1-for-1 Main Dish (save up to $16.70)


Photo by Burppler Raine Liu

Tasty, no-brainer meals to please the family, so you don’t have to waste your Saturday searching for a place to eat.

Q-Wa Izakaya (Beach Road) — 1-for-1 Set Menu (save up to $25)


Photo by Burppler Law Nam

Greasy, delicious skewers grilled to order, best downed with a shot of sake.

Enjoy 1-for-1 deals all year long at over 200 curated restaurants — just $5.75/month with the new Annual plan. Join the club.