Burpple Beyond Deals: Delectable Desserts

Looking for places where you can enjoy quality desserts at a discount? If so, here are some #BurppleBeyond deals for just that!

Cafe Monochrome: 1-For-1 Dessert (save ~$8.50)
Photo by Cafe Monochrome | *Deal Expiry Date: 30 Jun 2023

For A 2D Cafe Experience 
Head to Singapore's first 2D cafe to enjoy delicious ice cream desserts in a cool set-up! Expect to be greeted by a space that's surrounded in hand drawn monochrome designs—definitely Instagram-worthy if you ask us. Once there, dig into popular menu items such as their Waffle Ice Cream ($11-15) which comes in flavours such as Classic, Speculoos, and Oreo Waffle.

The Dark Gallery (Millenia Walk): 1-For-1 Chocolate Tasting Platters (save ~$14)
Photo by The Dark Gallery | *Deal Expiry Date: 30 Jun 2023

For Chocolate Lovers 
Do you love chocolate? If so, The Dark Gallery should be your next go-to dessert place! They offer a wide range of tasty chocolate-centric treats in the form of specialty menu items like chocolate tablets, ice cream and waffles, as well as artisanal sliced cakes. Whichever you pick, you're guaranteed to leave feeling immensely satisfied!

Overrun: 1-For-1 Soft Serve (save ~$7)
Photo by Overrun | *Deal Expiry Date: 30 Jun 2023

For Seasonal OTT Soft Serve
The hype surrounding Overrun’s over-the-top soft serve offerings never truly dies as they’re constantly churning (quite literally) out new flavours! In fact, you can expect a rotating menu of weekly specials. You just never know what you might find when you show up. Some past flavours include the Honeydew Sago, Milo Dinosaur, Triple Banana Biscoff, Durian Chendol, and Cotton Candy—the possibilities are simply endless.

Haengbok Cakeyo: 1-For-1 Dessert (save ~ $5)
Photo by Haengbok Cakeyo | *Deal Expiry Date: 30 Jun 2023

For Korean Desserts
Situated at 41 Kampong Bahru Road, Haengbok Cakeyo whose name translates to 'happiness,' is better known for their freshly baked Korean desserts. Their specially curated cakes are perhaps the most popular picks amongst customers; these include the Korean Fresh Cream Cake ($70) which comes in flavours such as Mixed Fruit, Strawberry, and Mango Blueberry.

Gary's: 1-For-1 Dessert (save ~$10)
Photo by Gary's  | *Deal Expiry Date: 30 Jun 2023

For Italian-Styled Desserts
Gary's is the brainchild of Taiwan-born Singaporean Chef Gary who has a knack for combining essential Italian flavours in a modernist way. As he only uses premium ingredients sourced freshly and seasonally, you can be rest assured that all the Italian fusion dishes served at his restaurant will make for a divine dining experience. That being said, their desserts are just as tantalising as their mains! Finish off your meal on a sweet note with Gary's Chocolate Lava Cake ($18) or the Nougat Parfait ($14).

Ambling Turtle: 1-For-1 Soft Serve (save ~ $8)
Photo by Ambling Turtle | *Deal Expiry Date: 30 Jun 2023 

For A Pandan Buttermilk Waffle 
The Ambling Turtle is a double-storey modern Peranakan Cafe that serves traditional Peranakan cuisine to the masses. This includes brunch and tea time delights that have been infused with authentic Peranakan flavours! If you're there solely for dessert, you should most definitely try their Pandan Buttermilk Waffle and pair this with one of their soft serve flavours.

The Wired Monkey: 1-For-1 Bake + Coffee (~save $12) 
Photo by The Wired Monkey | *Deal Expiry Date: 30 Jun 2023 

For Specialty Coffee & Fresh Bakes 
Located on Dunlop Street, The Wired Monkey is a quaint cafe that serves speciality coffee, fresh bakes and other tasty desserts. If you stop by, why not pair one of their coffees with pastries such as the Orange & Thyme Cake ($5) or the Dark Chocolate & Sea Salt Brownie ($4)? These are sure to make for the perfect afternoon treat!

Cherki: 1-For-1 Main Dish (~save $26)
Photo by Cherki | *Deal Expiry Date: 30 Jun 2023 

For Peranakan Desserts
Housed within the Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre, Cherki is a casual gastropub where customers can go to unwind and destress with delectable dishes and desserts, all of which are inspired by modern Peranakan cuisine. End off your meal there with treats like the Chendol Creme Brulee ($13), the Kaya Gula Melaka Tiramisu or the Cherki Nyonya Kueh Platter ($16). All of these are great picks for a sweet finish!

2Six Cafe (Rainbow Centre): 1-For-1 Main + Drink +Mille Crepe (~save $9) 
Photo by 2Six Cafe | *Deal Expiry Date: 30 Jun 2023 

For Mille Crepes 
2Six Cafe wishes to provide all their patrons with a heartening cafe experience! Indulge in their hearty mains before moving onto their signature Mille Crepes which come in flavours such as French Vanilla, Belgian Chocolate, Lavender, and Oreo, just to name a few.

Butter Studio (Jalan Besar): 1-For-1 Dessert (~save $10) 
Photo by Butter Studio | *Deal Expiry Date: 30 Jun 2023 

For Nostalgic Loaf Cakes
Inspired by time-tested recipes passed down from their grandmothers, the owners of Butter Studio are certainly dedicated to honouring these techniques they've adopted. They've also taken it upon themselves to add a playful twist on some familiar home-style bakes. Some of their must-tries include their nostalgic loaf cakes that come in tantalising flavours such as Lemon Drizzle, Nutella Marble, and Strawberry Lemon. Pair these bakes with a cup of freshly brewed tea and you'll be in for a treat!