Burpplers Share Their Favourite Supper Spots

Looking to fulfil your late-night cravings? Add a dose of spontaneity to your life with Chinese skewers, frog leg porridge, and coin prata at the stroke of midnight—here are some of the best supper spots in the city!

Burppler Dex Neo: Good Come Again (Geylang)

This bustling Chinese eatery near Kallang MRT is a favourite for Burppler Tastemakers, what with wackily-translated names, quality skewers and relatively cheap beer. "My favourite China food store, the variety of awesome skewers and Chinese dishes are always a pleasure to come back to. Perfect when you got the munchies and can just order a whole bunch of things to satisfy those midnight cravings."

Recommended Dish: Deep Fried Pork Intestines ($16), Pig's Ear of Cucumber ($10)

Photo by Burppler Dex Neo

Burppler Fann Chong: Hai Di Lao Hot Pot

No surprise that Hai Di Lao is this Burppler's top supper spot. With over 10 outlets islandwide and a stellar reputation for quality food and service, this Sichuan hotpot restaurant is open till late at night (many of them till 6am in the morning). "What's there not to like about Hai Di Lao? Their service is great and it provides such a warm and hearty meal at almost any time of the day."

Recommended Dish: Golden Pomfret, Tomato Soup base, and their housemade chives, garlic and chilli padi sauce (from ~$30 per person)

Photo by Burppler Irina Tan

Burppler Justin Teo: G7 Sin Ma Claypot Live Frog

Regarded as one of the best places in the city for claypot frog porridge, G7 has been a supper staple in Singapore for over 20 years. "I like the texture of the frog legs which are velvety smooth, with a satisfying bite each time because they are rather plump and bouncy. The porridge is worth a mention too. Some people like smooth and silky porridge, while others prefer it to be thick and starchy. This is the latter. It is already flavoured with salt and pepper, but you could also enhance the flavour of this thick porridge by adding the ginger scallion or kung pao sauce into it."

Recommended Dish: Frog Porridge (from $8)

Photo by Burppler Justin Teo

Burppler Audrey & Cady: taan Asian Grill Bar

Open till 1am every day of the week, taan is the first casual dining restaurant in town to offer over 50 types of skewers influenced by Chinese, Japanese, Korean and local flavours."The shop had great atmosphere, it was buzzing on a weekday night. Each stick was quite big, costs around $1.50~$2 each. The Frozen Yuzu Beer was so refreshing after all that greasy barbecue, the top froth is made from ice blended beer!"

Recommended Dish: Unagi Fried Rice ($8.80), Stir Fried Pork and Kimchi ($7.90)

Photo by Burppler Audrey & Cady


Burppler Julius Lim: New Mahamoodiya Restaurant

Open 24 hours, seven days a week, New Mahamoodiya in Simpang Bedok is a reliable option to head to whenever the prata cravings strike. "When I was there, almost every table can be seen having an order of the Coin Prata. The set comes with 6 coin-sized prata that are crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside. Another differentiating factor here as compared to other prata stalls is that they served their prata with an additional sambal dip, creating a unique experience of curry and sambal."

Recommended Dish: Coin Prata ($7)

Photo by Burppler Julius Lim

Burppler ni eats: Mongkok Dim Sum

Mongkok Dim Sum may not be as popular as the more famous 126 and Swee Choon, but it certainly holds its own when it comes to fuss-free dim sum. While favourites include the silky smooth Steamed Rice Roll with Shrimp ($4.20) and Salted Egg and Butter Pork Ribs (from $14), Burppler ni eats swears by the custard bao. "Custard baos that are not overly custardy but has a slight salted egg taste. And definitely flowy enough. Opened for 24 hours, you can have dim sum any time of the day!"

Recommended Dish: Custard Bao ($4.20 for 3)

Photo by Burppler ni eats