Cool Restaurants & Cafes To Eat At In Quezon City

Here some of the coolest restaurants and cafes you can find around Quezon City, including one for health enthusiasts!

Ninyo Fusion Cuisine & Wine Lounge

Photo by Ninyo Fusion Cuisine and Wine Lounge Photo by Ninyo Fusion Cuisine and Wine Lounge

Dining al fresco will make bonding with friends or loved ones better, especially if it's at Ninyo Fusion Cuisine and Wine Lounge, this majestic place at 66 Esteban Abada Street in Loyola Heights. They have a spacious dining place where you can enjoy aesthetically pleasing view while munching their scrumptious creations. They’re best known for mixing Asian and European flavors exquisitely, and they also have the best-tasting wine that can be best paired with their Honey-glazed Grilled Salmon.

Earth Kitchen

Photo by Earth KitchenPhoto by Earth Kitchen

Calling all health enthusiasts! This restaurant right here in White Plains, Quezon City is making a buzz because of their goal to provide healthy and at the same time scrummy foods to their customers. And what we also love the most is that they’re sourcing their ingredients locally and continuously promoting local ingredients which is a rockstar move for us. Imagine dining in a restaurant that has a great ambiance and is surrounded by the lush and vibrant garden, that is heaven!

Gubat (QC)

Photo by Gubat Photo by Gubat

This place is the Tagalog word of the forest because as we can see, it’s situated in a forest at the Diliman Bonsai Society. What we love is that they offer traditional Filipino food, so if someone is up to awaken their inner Filipino cultural side then we highly suggest this place. It’s also a majestic place, in which you can peacefully contemplate while munching your favorite Filipino dishes. Wouldn’t also wonder if we’re going back to this place anytime soon because it always made us feel like we’re at home. It gives us nostalgia. Their fried chicken, along with fresh vegetables and salted egg, is a crowd favorite.

The Porch by Casa Verde

Photo by The Porch by Casa Verde

Photo by The Porch by Casa Verde

There’s something about dark wood that immediately makes a place more intimate, and The Porch has it. Perfect for getting together with friends and reunion with family, it can be found in 113 Anonas Ext in Diliman. They offer a wide variety of foods like buffalo wings, steaks, and milkshakes, but the real game-changer right here is their humongous burger. It can be shared with 3 to 4 people so make sure to bring a friend if you’re planning to have their best seller burger.

Tweedle Book Cafe

Photo by Tweedle Book Cafe Photo by Tweedle Book Cafe

Who wouldn’t love to be in a cozy cafe sipping their favorite coffee, and at the same time indulging themselves in a fancy trip with their favorite book? This cafe right here is the hidden gem of Quezon city. It can be found at 106B Sct. Gandia St, Diliman, Quezon City, 1103 Metro Manila, Philippines. Their best-sellers are Smoked Duck Breast And Foie Gras, Pinoy Breakfast Pasta, Chocolate chamber. This is best recommended for some quiet time.