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Fatty Crab: The Legacy

For all of us, there’s that one place; the one you can’t help but return to for a favourite dish, the one you’d drop by just to say hello to that friendly owner who never fails to slip you an extra dish or two. Burppler Nicholas Ng talks to us about having a lifetime’s worth of meals at Fatty Crab.

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Photo by Burppler Aileen Marie David

The Family Favourite
Before they became a giant in Taman Megah, Fatty Crab started out as a small family-run eatery in SS2. Back in those days, my family and I would have dinners there — it’s been over 30 years, and I still go back religiously. The long-time servers here are all familiar-faced aunties who have watched me grow up.

KL’s Best Crab
I come to Fatty Crab for (arguably) one of KL’s best crab dishes, made with the restaurant’s secret recipe. The Sour and Spicy Crab (suen laat haai, 酸辣蟹) is their signature and resembles a sweeter chilli crab. The sauce has a nice vinegary, sweet and spicy kick, while the crab is fresh and plump with meat. They do have days when the crab isn’t as fresh, but when that does happen, just let them know nicely and they’ll be happy to replace it. My order also always includes the simple and good Fried Rice (douse it in crab sauce!), and the crispy and delicious fried Chicken Wings.

Know Before You Go
As testament to their popularity, long queues on weekends are guaranteed. They don’t take reservations either, so go early around 6pm — any later and you would have to brave the wait. Run like your typical, no-nonsense Chinese eatery, Fatty Crab is efficient even in the bustling chaos. You order while queuing and by the time you’re seated, your food is served promptly. Now housed in a spacious two-floor lot with air-conditioning on the first floor and airy, kickback vibes on the ground, Fatty Crab is my go-to for a family meal, or to impress a friend from abroad.

Now that we’ve heard Nicholas’ account, here’s what the rest of the community has to say about Fatty Crab:

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