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How to Dine Belly-Happy with the Family this Chinese New Year

Just huat you need this season.

Chinese New Year is well on its way with ang pows, pen cai and mandarin oranges in tow. Fear not when the family WhatsApp group begins blasting reunion lou hei dinner invites — we’ve got pro tips to help you feast happily and honourably this year.

Order Abundantly
If you’re the one calling the shots this year, know that this is not the time to skimp. It’s not just about feeding the family well, but also blessing them with a year’s worth of well wishes. So whether it’s ingot-shaped dumplings for wealth, yu sheng for good luck or nian gao for prosperity, order in abundance — after all, what’s Chinese New Year if not a true blue reason to feast?

Let Eat Begin
The Asian courtesy we’re used to sometimes means everyone waits for…. everyone. The rule of thumb here is for the eldest in the family to begin, but that can take a while, especially when he or she is busy chatting up a long-lost cousin. A nifty trick for getting the meal started? Do the honours of serving the eldest. You’d be praised for playing the respectable young one — getting to cut courtesies short and finally dig into dinner is but a bonus.

Look Mum, No Elbows!
We’ve all been told off at least once about resting our elbows on the dinner table. We know it’s rude, but why? This interestingly stems from Western etiquette, from a time when people used to sit on only one side of the table when they eat — resting their elbows would topple it right over! This rarely happens anymore, but it’s still very much regarded as bad table manners. Be that good kid your mum raised you to be; don’t do it.

Start the Year Right by Saving
They say how you celebrate the lunar new year sets the tone for the rest of the year. In that case, we’ve got you covered in the abundant wealth department. Impress the fam this festive season when you get to feast on sumptuous dinners and still save with Citibank Card promotions. Here’s what and where to get it:

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